Monday, February 25, 2008

Deja Vu, in a very bad way

So, most family members know that I had another trip to the ER last night. Don't panic, I am still seizure free coming up on 4 months...wooohooo!! There was a drug interaction. I thought I'd post the whole story to ease everyone's mind.

Let's rewind to the infamous summer of '03. I moved home for the summer after my first wonderful year of college because I had to have my wisdom teeth out. The surgery went well but it resulted in a seizure. So, we decided to switch my seizure meds. With my meds, you can't just go off one anti-convulsant and go on another, you have to gradually introduce the new drug, then gradually wean yourself off the old drug. It takes a few weeks and for a while, you're on two drugs at once.

So, about two weeks into the process I was doing pretty well; just really sleepy. One Sunday my mom decided to go to sacrament meeting with my Dad while I slept. I woke up and got some breakfast and took my morning medicine. Minutes later, as I was walking up the stairs to go back to bed, the entry way started spinning REALLY fast. I had never experienced this degree of vertigo. I said a prayer, closed my eyes, and crawled up the stairs, with Gracie at my side. I made it to my mom and dad's bed where I was sleeping, and suddenly I knew I was going to throw up. I think it happened all over mom's bed, sorry mommy. So anyway, mom came home just in the knick of time. We spent the next couple of hours with the garbage can since I was too dizzy to go to the toilet. It got worse and worse, and I was throwing up more constantly, getting really weak. By the time my dad got home from church, I was so weak I couldn't talk and my dad had to hold my head over the garbage can for me. My mom started getting really scared. She said I looked like the little girl whose mom poisoned her on The Sixth Sense with the dark circles under her eyes and pale skin. (That's my girl Misha Barton, by the way.) So my dad gave me a blessing. Meanwhile, Preston is in the corner nonchalantly playing his guitar. Thanks for your concern, little brother. ;) After the blessing I kept throwing up and I passed out, so my mom called 911. The last thing I remember is them cutting off my sweat-soaked clothes, and feeling the warm sun on me as the took me out on a stretcher to the ambulance. I saw a bright light, (the sun) and thought for sure I had died. I woke up from a comatose state later that night in a white room. In the corner there was a man with white hair and a white beard, white pants and a white coat. "Heavenly Father?" I said. "No, sweetie, it's Grandpa," Grandpa said. I was amazed. I thought for sure I had died. I didn't. My mom said she made a deal with Heavenly Father to spare me. Thanks mommy. ;) So, needless to say, that was THE scariest day of my entire life.

Back to present day. I am on A LOT of medicine. One of my doctors prescribed my some anti-inflammatory medication on Friday, to help with some pain problems I experience monthly. She also gave me an antibiotic for an infection. I took them Saturday and I was fine. Driving home from Sunday dinner, I started to cramp up, so I took one of the pills I had in my purse. My darling hubby also stopped to get me some onion rings to curb my craving. So, onion rings and pills in my tummy, we got ready for bed. We said prayers, laid down, and popped in The OC. Suddenly, the room spun REALLY fast. "Honey!" I said and closed my eyes. "It's ok, just breathe, you're not gonna seize," Honey said. "I know," I whispered, "the room is spinning. I can't stop spinning, even when I close my eyes. I'm scared. It feels like the overdose." "Just breathe deep," he said and my worthy priesthood holder gave me a blessing. After the "amen" I managed to say two more words, "garbage can!" He sprinted and was back just in time. Randy, Shanda, you may not believe me, (I might not believe myself) but I think my onion ring thing might be curbed for a while. I threw up about three times and said, "Take me to the hospital." He quickly started the routine of getting me properly dressed, kenneling the dog, and getting me a throw up bucket, while calling my parents. I stopped him midway after two more wretches. "Call 911; it's bad," I said. He obediently did so and started checking online for drug interactions while holding my hair and wiping my face. He's great at multi-tasking, especially under pressure.

The paramedics came and took my vitals, joking with me about how familiar they were with my apartment and how proud of me they were for not seizing. We went to the hospital and a nurse I'd never had before, Molly, took care of me. She was very sweet and made the list of "fave nurses at Logan regional." My other favorite nurse, Naomi, even came in to check on me. Molly gained further graces when she was able to get an IV started and blood drawn after just one stick and several pokes. That never happens. Grandma, you know what I mean! My sweet husband was there to keep me stocked with warm blankies, make me laugh (even in the ER), and even supervise the urine sampling. (Turned around of course. Molly was nervous I'd pass out and he said he wouldn't leave me, even if I was peeing in a cup. He's such a winner!) A bag of fluid and some anti-nausea medication later, I was feeling less tilt-a-whirley. They determined that with the introduction of two new meds, my body just had too many chemicals inside it. So, I probably would've been fine since my body reacted appropriately and got them out of me...but I freaked out. I really didn't wanna almost die again, so they said it was good I came in since it was like the beginning of my previous experience. So, everyone, I am fine...Just a little cautious, not a hypochondriac though!! I am just resting and sleeping off the medication. Thanks to everyone at Logan Regional for taking such great care of me.


Matt & Tati said...

Wow, I am so sorry to hear that. You are such a strong person, and you've really inspired me to be stronger myself. It's weird, sometimes I think, "Gol, life is so rough. I have everything wrong with me. Nobody has it as bad as me." And then you find out EVERYONE is struggling, just with different problems. I gain comfort when I think of the scripture that tells us that God will not give us more than we can bear.

Your husband sounds like a wonderful man. You are really blessed to have someone like him.

Thanks for sharing, and hopefully I dont scare you from commenting on here. Maybe we should get to know each other more rather than just bumping into each other in the bathroom at work. haha. jk

'Hope everything's going better for you! :)

Chelsi said...

Tati, you are so cute. Thanks for your sweet words, and no you didn't scare me! I know what you mean though, I am the same way sometimes. We all have our trials, just different ones!

We for sure should get to know each other better, outside of the ladies' room. We should go on a double date sometime!

Matt & Tati said...

Ya that would be fun!

So thanks for the link and explaining why Matt is called Sinbad. I asked him why you and Deneal called him that a while ago, and he said he couldn't remember. He was like, "Ya know, I really don't know." haha. I'll have to show him the link you sent. He'll laugh his head off. It's good to know now!

Lori said...

oh my goodness chelsi! that's scary. have you always struggled with seizures? i never really knew growing up anything that was going on.... what's going? yikes! I'm grateful you have a good hubby taking care of you and you know yourself well enough to get the care you need. geeez. take care of yourself, sweetie!

Natalie said...

Oh my goodness honey!! That's awful! I'm glad your husband is so awesome!! And I'm super glad you're doing better!

Chelsi said...

Thank you girls for your love and support. I am doing much better. Last week was rough though, whew! In response, I do have an awesome hubby. And yeah, Lori, I had my first seizure when I was 13. It was brought on by some other health problems. They've gotten progressively worse as I switch medications. (Seizure meds have awful side effects so I can't be on one for very long.) The medicine cocktail I'm on now seems to be working though. I can almost drive around town for the first time in three years...whoohoo! Again, thanks everyone for your concern!

Erin said...

chelsi, you are a trooper. that is some major scary stuff you have been dealing with. and i am so sorry to hear about your recent aversion to onion rings. when you're back in the saddle, let's go to crown burger and order a big fat greasy pile of heaven. and your husband sounds totally bitchin. i like him... keeper. hope you're doing much better!!

Chelsi said...

Erin, you'll be happy to know that I think I'm ok with the rings now. I know, quick. It's amazing what hormones can do to food aversions. :) But, they are a bit of greasy heaven aren't they. (Onion rings, not hormones.) When you get home, You, me and Jaclyn will have a crown burger date. Spencer IS totally bitchin. I plan on keeping him for as long as possible.

How is motherhood? Fox is such a handsome little nugget!! I hope you're doing well and your girl parts are holding up nicely. Especially the twins, I hear nursing can be hard on the nips.