Wednesday, February 20, 2008


When I was a young lassie, I hated Valentines Day. I dreaded February 14th more than any other day. I was always single, usually just recovering from a breakup. (The only good pre-Spencer V-day I remember was when I put on a Valentine's dance at our local nursing home and little old men taught me all kinds of dances.)

My first romantic valentines day was the best one. I was working at the computer lab in the English building. So, before I went to work, I set up a candle light picnic in my bedroom for me and Spencer and picked up a heart-shaped pizza. Spencer came to visit me at work as there was nobody there. We had just confessed to loving each other about a week before. (Him first, then I followed days later. We were both trying to wait till Valentine's Day but couldn't hold it in.) So, instead of telling each other we loved each other, we took the obvious next step and called the temple to set a wedding date. :) Don't worry, we had both been praying about it for a few, okay, almost a week...but we knew it was right. So, after doing so, we called our families to tell them the plans. My parent's already knew, Dad knew before I did. (Rewind to the summer before when Spence sent me flowers after my car accident/seizure. Dad: I think something is gonna happen with this kid. Me: Dad, don't be ridiculous, we're just friends! And he's my best friend's ex-boyfriend! I've spent months desperately trying to get them back together! Dad: I don't know, Sis, I think he's the one... Me: *Executing an infamous Chelsi Lasater eyeroll*) His parents however, were a bit concerned we were moving too fast. What?! We had been seriously dating for like three whole weeks! ;) I'd never even met his Dad. But, after reassuring them that the wedding wouldn't be till June, everything was set.

We went back to my apartment and I opened my bedroom door, looking back at him anticipating the surprise on his face. Nothing came. Confused, I turned to make sure nobody had stolen my picnic. It was gone alright, but in it's place was a beautiful candlelight dinner, roses, and candles everywhere. It was the most beautiful room I'd ever seen. I cried, then we both laughed that we'd both had the same idea. (His was better, of course.) My favorite present he gave me was my card. It is white and embossed with a picture of Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip dancing in the forest (my favorite part) and it's shimmery. Inside it talks of all things that happen "Once Upon a Dream." (If you don't know what I'm talking about, you need to watch Sleeping Beauty!) We had a wonderful night, then that weekend we went to the ballet, Romeo and Juliet, still our favorite one.

The next Valentines Day we were married and I was getting very puppy-hungry, since I was working from home and had no driver's license. (Though not expecting a puppy for Valentines Day; I'm not that demanding!) When I had my own apartment I used to have pet frogs, but had abandoned them when Prince died, followed by Romeo, then Juliet. Valentines Day came and throughout the day, tiny alarm clocks would go off, hidden throughout the apartment. When I would find them, a little silly gift would be attached, or a lovenote. I was so excited the whole day, waiting for the next alarm. That night, as I was getting ready for a surprise Jazz game as one of my presents for Spence, I heard five alarms go off all at once. I went into the office to find a new tank, and two frogs, who were in love, Spencer said. It was so cute, and they provided me wonderful company when I would work.

Sadly I killed them by taking pictures of them months later. But, at least I have photographic reminders of them, right? Today one of the alarm clocks accidentally went off and I got all teary remembering last V-Day.

Our third Valentines Day together was equally great. He brought me lovely roses to work, which made everyone jealous. (I'd show you but they died over the weekend because Juleene and I secretly keep the heat at 75 degrees.) :( We decided to go country dancing at an LDS club down in SLC. When we got there, however, we quickly realized that I had forgotten most of my moves, and what little I did remember, I only knew the girl parts. So, we made up our own, but we quickly tired out and returned to Hotel de Chandler. (Thanks, guys.) I was presented with a pseudo Spence, to cuddle me when Spencer is gone and I am still in bed. He is equipped with a bean filled arms, complete with individual chambers for even bean distribution, and even a spot to insert a heating pad if I am cold! Isn't he cute?! Belle was terrified at first, but she's down now. He also gave me "his side of the story" beginning with our first meeting, and ending with our first "real" kiss. (I wrote him something similar and we decided to continue the tradition every year, but I didn't expect him to do it too.) It is called, "My Eve." I bawled like a baby. It is my favorite present he's given me, tied with Belle, and this video for our first anniversary.

So, this post is a tribute to my baby. He is truly one of a kind. I am the luckiest woman ever to have found someone who started out as my best friend, and then my eternal companion and soul mate as well. He makes me laugh everyday, he acts like a little kid with me, helps me learn how to be a grown up, holds me when I cry (a lot), lightens my load when I just can’t do it anymore and offers me unconditional love and support. He’s the most amazing person I've ever known, and I love him more and more every day. I love you, Sugar! I only hope I can be as good to you as you are to me and make every day a holiday. Here's to an eternity of Valentine's Days. Xo.


Matt & Tati said...

Hey cute blog! I love it! You're so creative!

--Tatiana ("Sinbad's" wife) ;)

Natalie said...

Cute cute cute!! I love it! You have always been a pink princess and I love it!