Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Oh the Demise of the English Nerd

Hello beloved friends and family. I have been receiving pressure for many months now, mostly from fellow English nerds, to start my own blog. I haven't due to the fact that the only blogs I care to read are a) those blogs of my friends who have reproduced, and b) those blogs of my friends who live in far away places. I qualify for neither group a or b and do not advocate "online journals." My better half, though, reminded me that we do have a furbaby, and to some people, Logan is a far away place. So, I have succumbed. This will be our way to keep friends and family updated about our seemingly mundane, yet actually really fun, lives. Also, I suspect it will also be a place for Spencer to rant politically and Kenny and Brock can respond accordingly. (Please don't overload the server, guys.) Deneal, there were templates called "Mr. Moto, Son of Moto, and Ms. Moto!" I almost went with them just for the names, but I hated them. Also, sweetheart, I apologise for the non-gender-neutrality of the blog, but I did do fairly well with the apartment, right?

Part II of my nerd post just came to me. Many of you have no idea what it is that I do as a sugar mamma. Furthermore, when you ask me, it is a bit hard to explain and I can be rather vague, since I do a lot. (Like designing the header for this blog. Sidenote: It's fairytalish, not creepy!)So, I thought while you're online, I'll show you. I make websites (content, design, and a bit of programming.) Here are some.

I also do some print work, and generally keep everyone in the College of Agriculture informed, edited, and happy.


Preston said...


Chelsi said...

Coming from someone who's 21 and lives with mom and dad? ;) And typing in all caps is a major faux paux.

Holly said...

We sure love you guy's, and are grateful you are so happy and have so much fun together. Chelsi we are glad you are feeling better and appreciate Spenc taking such good care of our little girl. Love Ya, Mom

Treasure said...

Hey Cheech! Just dropping in to say hello and wondering how you were doing! I hope your doing much better! I love you and Spencer both bunches! Come visit down here more often! Thx for all ya do! Love ya bunces xoxo
Joshy! "Princess"

Chelsi said...

Dear Mom and Princess,
Thanks for checking out my blog and leaving such nice comments! Mom, can we keep Josh? He's a much nicer to me than Monkey! ;) Love you both. xoxo