Tuesday, March 4, 2008

amore, part deux

I copied this survey from Lori, but it was just so damned cute. Enjoy. Please try not to gag.

What Is the First Thing You Noticed About Your Spouse?

Lori, I too must dissect this question into several times:

The very first time: I must've subconsciously noticed our chemistry. I came home from a date with another boy, and sensing a male presence in our apartment, I went into my roommate's room, where Kara, Deneal, and Spencer were gathered, and threw myself dramatically on Deneal's bed, exclaiming something equally dramatic, pretending not to notice it wasn't just us girls until after my entrance. Honestly, the first thing I noticed was his afro. ;) Second, I noticed how easy he was to talk to and get acquainted with. I'd met him ten minutes earlier and it felt like we had been friends forever. I knew why Kara liked him. :D

Later when we had our "first date": Kara, who was then his serious girlfriend, was going on a date with "her missionary." Spencer agreed to this, but only if he could go on a "friend" date too. Since Kara and I were inseparable, Spencer and I had gotten to be great friends too...so, he asked me. (I asked Kara if it was ok. She should've said no.) He took me bowling. I lack the muscle strength necessary for bowling or any other sporting activity common to daters.
Normally in this situation I would've been a little panicky and not myself. But with him, it was easy to tell him why I would prefer to do something else. It was also easy for him to convince me it would be fun anyway. It was easy to have fun with him. That was the first time EVER that I'd had fun bowling. Basically, it was easy to be myself, and he was so much fun! Side note: On the way home we joked about how we were going to tell Kara we'd fallen in love.

Later when Kara married her missionary: I noticed what an amazing friend he was. He was the only one who was always there for me. And I noticed what great changes he was making in his life...that's when he became my Stripling Warrior. Also, when carried me door-to-door when we went trick-or-treating because I kept tripping in my Sleeping Beauty costume, I thought, "No way is anyone else this sweet!" *muah*

Later on our first real date: December 31st, 2005/January 1st, 2006 was a monumental night. Getting ready I was nervous and I had no idea why. It was just Spence! I changed twice, did my hair like six times, I brushed my teeth for like 10 minutes. Then when I saw him, I got butterflies. That's when I realised I was attracted to him. This new realization continued throughout the night as I noticed how he good he smelled, how cute his smile was, how strong his jaw was, how pretty his eyes were, how kissable his lips were. I also noticed how our hands fit together, how I fit in his arms, how everything felt different between us. I also noticed how no other man treated me with such respect and utter adoration like he did. It was like his every move was a tribute to me. I also noticed how well we got along, how much fun we had together, and how at ease he made me. (The last part was realised when we woke up cuddled on his mom's couch at 4 am, and found that our entire group had left us.)

Two weeks later on our second real date at El Matador: I noticed that he was different than every other male I'd ever encountered. I realised he was the "special young man with an understanding heart" that I'd been promised. I realised he was the one, and that he'd been right in front of me for years.

What Was One of the First Things That Attracted You to Your Spouse?

There were so many things. We can talk for hours (and do), he is handsome, romantic, silly, smart, spiritual, strong, and the most caring individual I've EVER met. He has great musical taste and the sweetest singing voice. He is my whole world. He keeps me grounded, but lets me fly at the same time. He understands me better than I understand myself. He is like all of the characters I'd dreamed of but convinced myself could only exist fictionally. He's tough and roguish but gentle and sensitive at the same time. He's ambitious and hard working. He's honest and sincere. He knows the value of having the Spirit in your life. He rules our home as a partnership with me and our Lord. He always says exactly what I need to hear. He holds me when I cry and then makes me laugh when I'm sick of crying. He takes care of me. He's adorable with our nieces, and even the way he cares for Belle is so appealing. He's the only person I never tire of. But the best thing is that he loves me for all of me and not just "in spite" of my handicaps. He doesn't view them as handicaps...they are part of me and he loves all of me. Only one other man loved me like that and I thought I'd never find anything as good ever again...but I found something even better. *tear* Sometimes I think my heart will explode.

What is Something That Surprised You About Your Spouse After You Got Married?

How he wasn't REALLY a night person. Go to bed by midnight? What?! My bedtime was 4 am! It still would be if I had any say. ;) Oh, and he falls asleep FREAKISHLY fast. It's a little unnerving sometimes!

What are Some of Your Favorite Memories Since You Got Married?

There are so many! I could go on for pages and pages and pages! I love when we drive down to the Ogden valley, we always talk the whole time...never running out of things to say. We've had some great talks that way. Our honeymoon was so much fun! Disneyland, both times. Lake Powell was a blast! Our first anniversary, and the many parties we've thrown. Little everyday moments like sledding together, dancing in the kitchen, playing the wii, dinners on the porch, our picnics in the park, or going camping together. There are so many things we still need to do together. I sometimes freak out and I say things like, "Oh my gosh! We didn't go to Lagoon this summer! I've never been to Lagoon with you!" and he gently reminds me, "Baby, we have eternity." Yay for that!

What is Something In Your Marriage That Was A Weakness and Has Become More of a Strength?

I know this sounds pompous, but we don't really ever fight. If we have a disagreement we just calmly discuss it. I think it's because we're both good communicators. We were also dealt some pretty heavy trials right off the bat, so it taught us to not sweat the small stuff.

What is Something That You Will Look Back on and Think is Funny?

How we treat Belle like a human. (Shut up! I'm proud to be a dog mom.) Some of our random forms of entertainment...like running around naked and screaming, just because we can.

If You Were to Write an Advertisement Promoting Marriage, What Would it Say?

Forever should always seem like never long enough.

If You Had Just a Few Minutes Left to Live, What Would You Tell Your Spouse?

I'd thank him for giving me our fairytale. Then I'd tell him a lot of other stuff that is too private to broadcast. I'd tell him he's the reason I stayed around so long. Then I'd give him a huge kiss and say, "It won't be heaven without you. Goodnight sweetheart, I love you." Then when I got to heaven I'd tell Heavenly Father to let me go get him IMMEDIATELY!


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