Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring has Sprung

Well my birthday has come and gone. I'm 24, which is good since nobody likes you when you're 23. My awesome husband threw me a surprise party. He schemed elaborately and invited all of my friends and even had it at his mom's house in Ogden so more people could come. Shani drove all the way from St. George and Wilson came from SLC. It really meant so much to me. Thanks everyone who came! My husband's friends are awesome friends to me too and I love them. It was really fun! Shanda's b-day is two days after mine, so he faked me out and said it would be a party with just the four of us. I made this cake for our foursome party. My sis got the kit for me for Christmas and I've been saving it for months!

That's Shanda on the top with me. It was a great b-day. I got both books I wanted, some hand-crafted jewelry, a gift certificate to lia sophia, a willow tree, some posh scrapbook paper, a bathtub tray, and some clothes from Wet Seal. I have to say though...this was my favorite gift:
Yes kids, that's what four point five years of an A- average coupled with a college degree, and 24 years of just being alive will getcha...a Macbook Pro. Wooohooo!! I love it. So, if any of you Skype or have macs yourself, we can video chat. I have a virtual date with my friends Robyn and John from Oregon tomorrow. I'm uber excited cause they live in Malaysia so I've never met their two babies and they haven't met my two babies either! And I can't wait to hear that Aussie accent again.

This Easter weekend was spent in O-town, Saturday with my side and Sunday with Spence's. Holy Cow was it nice to split the two days and not jam it into one! I also got to babysit my niece, Miley. I had so much fun. She's the cutest thing. We colored and I got to get her ready for bed and all that entails. She had a nightmare and although it broke my heart, I enjoyed singing to her and rocking her and being the one to make her feel better. She's so much like me, she even hyperventilates when she cries! She also throws up when she's upset and has a major fetish for shoes, jewelry (especially mine), and princesses. It also makes her even more adorable that she loves me nearly as much as I love her. Her and Belle are BFF's. Yay for cousins! Don't get too excited though, my readers. I'm still not baby ready...at least not unless it's covered in fur.

Speaking of furbabies....next on my radar is Belle's birthday. She'll be one on April 13th. I can't believe how much she's grown. :( Of course, we'll be having a party. I'm planning on making a dog-friendly cake for the canines to share, and these cupcakes for the people. She, of course, will be wearing this:
Watch for the invite.


Erin said...

oh honey, i have a deep and meaningful relationship with my mac... it's almost sexual in nature i love it that much. welcome to the club girlfriend. mac chat: erin burton (?) and skype: skeenerburton.

Kari said...

How do you make dog friendly cake? I was going to just let Olive eat a cupcake cause I didn't know about dog cake. I've heard of dog ice cream, but that's it.

Shanda said...

AHHH!!! We are 24! How crazy is that? I freaking loved the cake! You are amazing my love! Remember how I spanked you? That was hot! Love ya! I need to find out when Toyota and Tundra's b-days are. They are invited to the b-day party right?

Shanda said...
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Matt & Tati said...

Hey, I made my blog private now after reading this article:

I didn't invite you because I don't have your email address. If you want to still see my blog, send your email address to me at tati.southam@gmail.com.

Natalie said...

Happy happy birthday!! How exciting -- that is seriously such a cute cake! I love it! So YOU!