Thursday, March 6, 2008

Spring Time is a Comin... Yeah for Nemo!

Well I thought that I would contribute to the blog seeing that so far it has been totally estrogen dominated..haha (JK baby)
So anyway... Spring time is around the corner,I'm still freezing my butt off in Logan, but nevertheless it is almost here. I'm more of a Fall type of guy but in the past few years I have been looking forward to the warm weather for one reason....
Could it be the blossoming flowers or the green of the grass...NO! IT'S MOTORCYCLE SEASON!
Lil Spence hearts Scooters!
This fascination started when I was a little tyke. I remember a time that our family was at the famed Wild Waters in Ogden. My Dad and my older brother Brock really wanted me to go on the "double trouble" water slide. Obviously I didn't want to go. I was like 6 and there were rumors that one time the slide broke and someone had their leg severed (which is true bytheway) Well I mustered up as much courage as I had and told my Dad I would go... but... If I go, I want to go to McDonalds (my Dad was Anti-McDonalds) and he had to get me the Garfield toy that I wanted.... Isn't it AWESOME!

Bigger Spence Wants a REAL SCOOTER!
When I was in my Junior year in High School my love for scooters must have still prevalent deep in my subconscious because It was rekindled when I saw the video for my favorite band Millencolin. They have a song called "Fox" that is about their favorite form of transportation.

I had to have one! So I saved up (sort of, it took me a few years) and I bought one shortly after I graduated.
The Scoot
I simplycalled it the scoot it was a 03 Honda Metropolitan. (I wanted a Vespa but $$) Shortly after I bought the scoot my car engine blew up! My parents had recently got divorced and my dad and I lived in Farmington but my job was at a sprinkler supply store in Syracuse; YEAH! The scoot only went 40 mph topped out so I couldn't take the freeway. For an entire summer I woke up at 6:45 am everyday in order to make it to work by 8:00... After all it took an hour to on the back roads.
When I moved to Logan I brought the scoot with me and found that it really didn't enjoy driving up the hill that USU is set upon... It would only go 10mph the whole way.
After 4000 miles the scoot began to waver and that along with the fact that it was now SUPER trendy to have a scooter (I bought mine in 2002) I decided it was time to sell it while it was still hot. It sold in a single day and so that night I took the wife on one last ride. As we were driving by the Logan Cemetary I heard a loud POP! followed by a hiss. We had blown a tire! This picture was taken right before we left, the last picture on the scooter... The next day I loaded it on a trailer and never saw her again (tear)
Finding Nemo!!!
I decided to sell the scooter because I had fallen out of love with scooters and had fallen in love with vintage motorcycles. I watched the show "Garden State" and thought that Zac Braff's motorcycle with a sidecar was the coolest bike ever. So I got on and others like it in search of my dream bike. It took a couple months but I found one that I love. I named him Nemo and he is good lookin... He's a 1973 Honda 175 in pristine condition. I thoroughly enjoyed riding him all around Logan last summer and I'm itchin the to get him out of storage and polished up for a nice cool ride.... Now I just need to get a sidecar so we can take Belle along with us.


Chelsi said...

remember how you come pick me up from ballet on the bike and when i come out you're leaning against it? that's hot.

Shanda said...

Randy totally wants to get a motorcycle since he saw yours. Way to go Spence! Maybe me and Chesl can get matching helmets or something? I guess if Chels is ok with it than I can be right?