Friday, March 21, 2008

strange noises of excitement

When I get excited sometimes I make strange noises. Sometimes snorting, but more often weird girlish shrieks. The one I make on purpose though, is "Kneeh!" Deneal, Kara and I started using this expression after watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail one too many times. Deneal does it the best. Anyway, there are strange noises of excitement erupting from me. "Why?" you ask. We might buy this house!

I know! Isn't it freaking adorable?! I'm so excited I want to pee my pants! We did a walk through last night and it's just as roo inside! And it turns out the seller is an old friend of mine from GC . (Jake, Deneal. He lived with Cowboy and Chad.)

Anyway, this is the ad: This home is located in a planned unit development, meaning it is on a quiet road and the backyard borders a public park! The home includes:

Built: 1999

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 1.5

Square ft.: 1460

Acres: .17

Separate laundry room, Formal dining area, Central heating/AC, Fully landscaped: Vinyl fence, Automatic sprinklers, Fruit trees, Garden area, Patio, Porch, Separate shed. Vaulted ceilings, Updated appliances, Pantry, lots of storage. Backyard access to city park, Great Neighborhood!

Inclusions: Range, Range hood, Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Window coverings, Flooring allowance available

The home is located a few blocks from the public pool and several public parks, a beautiful home in a great location.

And everything it proclaims is true! It does have icky pink carpet, but like it says, they're willing to do a flooring allowance. So.....can I get a, "Kneeh!" KNEEH!! We are in love. The backyard proclaims to be small, but it's HUGE. Maybe not typically, but for us it is. It's bigger than our backyard in Clearfield, fam. I stayed up all night envisioning Belle running around the yard and us having BBQ's and much more space for fabulous parties. I'm so excited for the littlest things, like being able to hide my garbage can, sitting on our porch, eating dinner not on TV trays, having a shed, having an island in the kitchen, an actual laundry room, walking up stairs, more cupboards, and painting...oooh the paint!! I've also been fantasizing about paint colors!!

I've been envisioning a bedroom makeover for a while now. I was inspired by none other than Tiffany and Co. Now, I created this image in Photoshop on my lunch break. I know, not my best work, but I was eating and I only had an hour. This is my vision:

The master bedroom is long and skinny, so I want to create to separate areas. The bed area, and a seating/vanity area. Perhaps between I will curtains. Like they did here. Or a screen such as this:

Once again....kneeh!

Ps. A birthday post will arrive soon, I need to upload pictures. Stand by.


Matt & Tati said...

HOly cow you are right! That is such an adorable house! I hope everything works out for you! If you get it, you need to have a house-warming party so I can see it!

Mommy Princess said...

The house is positivly glorius! It looks like something from out of a movie. Where is it located? Even if it's only 2 miles closer to me I'll be excited for you. It was so wonderful to see you last weekend. It made my month to be there. You and Spenc come down anytime.
Love you!

Kari said...

Exciting! Where is it?

Erin said...

this has spelsi written all over it... it's so presh! and you and your cute doggie and cute cakes inside its walls would just push this abode over the top to sickeningly perfect.

Chelsi said...

I know!! It's little but perfect for us. It's so dang cuuute...I love love loooooove it. We will for sure have a fab house warming party if it works out. It's in Logan, just south of Cafe Sabor for you Loganites.

Shani, make it so I can leave comments on your blog!! You made my YEAR by coming up for my birthday! Belle will never put her toy down...she loves's so cute! Thank you! I love you!!

Shanda said...

SHUT UP! That is the cutest thing ever!!! I freaking love it! I can't believe how cute it is. It should be like on one of those romantic movies. I can picture you in a little sun dress and cute big white hat sitting on the porch drinking lemonade! OH! It's awesome!