Tuesday, April 8, 2008

ode to bella

Belle is turning one on Sunday. Of course, we're throwing an extravagant party. All are welcome. Kari, you, Matt, and Olive meant to get a physical invite but I sent it to your old address. Oops. Let me know if you can make it. Anyway, for those of you who think I'm nuts...I'm so not. You just don't get it. Dog mom's of the world, unite! You're out there, I know it. How would I have found so many puppy party resources otherwise?

Anyway, I can't believe she's a year old. She came to us on June 30th, 2007 for our one-year anniversary. (I can't believe I've been married for two years; it feels like two days! Let's do it again, hun!) I was working at home at the time, trapped without a license and sick most of the time. Enter a shining beacon: Belle.

Isn't she prec? Yes, I sent out puppy announcements. I'm not crazy....they actually have puppy showers in more posh parts of our great country. Anyway, Belle immediately brightened our lives with her cute personality all bundled up in a little ball of fur. She was so tiny at first, 3 pounds!! She couldn't even walk up stairs because she was so little. Right from the start she was such a good puppy. She only chewed one thing...the side of our counter while I was making a cake and she was laying at my feet. She potty trained stubbornly...no success at all, till one miraculous day she decided she totally got the concept. She started ringing a bell attached to our door to go potty. (She never barks and I didn't want her scratching up the door.)

She survived teething, her shots, her first haircut, and being spayed with flying colors. Everyone involved in these processes always asks where she went to obedient school because she's such a good dog. I know! *brag* The obedient school of Chelsi and Spencer, that's where! We'd like to take credit, but she's just a really well-mannered little lady. Anyway, I, on the other hand, barely survived these processes. I worried constantly about her teeth, and kept most of them. I cried after her shots, and her first haircut when she changed color. When she was spayed, I heard her crying and had an anxiety attack and almost fainted. Thanks mom, for being there to prevent that. I held her in the back seat and cried while letting her throw up repeatedly all over my lap. I felt like such a horrible mother as she would look up at me with questioning eyes as to why she was throwing up and in pain. Luckily, she healed quickly, she grew quickly, and is now a 10 lb, very long, very active, very sweet, baby girl.

These are some things I love about my daughter:
  • she's so damned cute, especially sleeping
  • two of her paws are pink still
  • she is very smart
  • she's a non-barker
  • she's a non-begger, usually
  • she allows me to carry her around, sometimes in a purse
  • she acts like a baby
  • she's incredibly sweet...she never barks, snips, yaps, or bites, even while playing or being annoyed by other dogs and or children
  • she lives to see us return again, even if we have been gone for 5 minutes. I suppose this is true for all dogs, but there are things unique to her personality, like these:
Belle's favorites:
  • kids, especially cousin Miley
  • other dogs, even big mean ones
  • when people come over, especially Grandma and Grandpa, and Randy and Shanda
  • the fed ex guy
  • pens, she loves to chew on pens
  • dryer sheets
  • socks
  • popcorn
  • peanut butter in her kong
  • anything that squeaks
  • running really fast and jumping really high
  • the bathtub
  • wrestling with dad
  • when daddy comes home
  • morning cuddle time (after my alarm goes off is the only time she'll snuggle, and she is ADAMANT about it!)
  • morning in general
  • laying underneath the bed
  • bones and rawhides
  • giving kisses
  • going for walks
Belle's not favorites:
  • her kennel
  • the vacuum
  • constipation
  • non-water-softened food
  • the blowdryer
  • when mom and dad reverse the roll of mom bathing her and dad brushing her
  • getting her ears cleaned
  • adult strangers who are not Caucasian. I know, weird right? She's fine with non-white kids
  • when mom gets ready for work
  • when mom and dad stay up too late
  • Pampered Pets Salon (sucks!!!)
Anyway, stay tuned for a post about her partay. It's gonna be fab. We heart Belle.


Kari said...

I definitely don't think you're crazy for having a dog party. Dog announcements, on the other hand... :) I should write a thing like this for Olive on her birthday. Mine will be more about how she is Satan. :)

Shanda said...

OMH! You should have put when I make the squeaky noise! Remember how she totally freaked out and was like trying to climb in my mouth?! LMAO! I can't wait for the partay! WOOH!

Kate Gildea said...

Oh hello! I am so glad you stopped by the BLOG! I hope it won't be the last time!!

Natalie said...

LOVE it. I want a puppy!!