Friday, May 16, 2008

For Spence, For Momma

This post is a little late, but better late than never, right?

It was my Darling Hubby's b-day yesterday. So, in honor of his 24 years on this earth, I have created a list of 24 of many, many, many reasons I love him. Try not to vomit a little in your mouth.
  1. We have the same sense of humor and have many stupid inside jokes. We also banter back and forth and think we are hilarious, while no one else does.
  2. He's the most patient person I have ever met.
  3. He believes that all people are innately good, and is a very positive person.
  4. He makes these incredible comforting, inspiring, and motivational speeches when I think I can't do it matter what "it" is, he always says just what I need to hear.
  5. Right after he falls asleep, in a freakishly short amount of time, he makes this little "huh" noise.
  6. I fit right inside of this little nook his body makes for me when we spoon.
  7. He willingly does things like take me to the ballet, or go clubbing with me, or walks around a scrapbook store for an hour with me, just because he knows I enjoy it.
  8. He's incredibly romantic and sentimental. I am the envy of all.
  9. He's a really good kisser.
  10. He's very giving and lives to serve those he loves.
  11. He likes to coordinate our outfits when we go out.
  12. He's not only smart, but very wise.
  13. He has his own passions and encourages mine.
  14. He has beautiful eyes.
  15. He is the epitome of chivalry.
  16. He's well-rounded, polite, and classy. I don't worry about what he'll say or do in public.
  17. Everyone he meets instantly loves him.
  18. He has great hair.
  19. He wears flip-flops 365 days a year.
  20. He always validates how I'm feeling, no matter how irrational.
  21. He's a great communicator so we hardly ever fight, we discus.
  22. He thinks he has an iron stomach and he soooo doesn't.
  23. He's really gullible when you try and throw him off about a present you're giving him.
  24. He's an amazing spiritual leader and patriarch.
And now, in honor of Mother's Day and my mother, I will post a list of reasons why I love her...not correlating with her age, because she would kill me. Mom, you might not like that I posted some of these, but I think you should be proud of all of them, cause I am.
  1. When the doctors told you I'd probably end up in a wheelchair, you told them they were wrong, and you proved it.
  2. By working hard with me, you taught me to prove people wrong.
  3. When I wanted to jump rope with my friends at recess, you and Dad turned the jump rope every single night after dinner with me until I could do it. (And it was a looooong time.)
  4. You honored my birth-mom by instilling a love of dance in me, and provided an opportunity for me to nourish it my entire life.
  5. You always went without so we could have extra.
  6. When we were dirt poor, we had no idea because you worked your ass off to keep everything normal. (Like winning the commission contest every single year in order to get us school clothes.)
  7. When you'd come home exhausted, instead of telling me you needed a minute to yourself, you'd let me sit with my feet in the water every single night and tell you about my day while you took your bubble bath.
  8. You taught me to read, read well, and love books.
  9. When I was too nervous to go to school because I was afraid I'd get a pink slip someday, you told me it didn't matter if I got a pink slip because my gold ones outweighed them.
  10. I got my nervousness and worrisome nature from you. :)
  11. You did my hair till I was embarrassingly old because you were so good at it.
  12. You taught me how to wrap presents really prettily and in unique ways, so mine always look the best. ;)
  13. You saw I have a vivid imagination and continuously provide(d) opportunities for me to nourish it, like the coolest "imaginative play" toys, art supplies, dance lessons, writing classes, books and books and books, art lessons and supplies, scrapbook supplies, a great camera, and an awesome mac.
  14. You gave me a wedding more amazing than I could've ever dreamed of, and you let it be all mine, loving all my ideas, even if they differed from yours.
  15. You taught me how to serve others in simple ways like a card, a surprise meal, or a thoughtful gift just because.
  16. When I didn't have any friends, you were my confidant, my shopping partner, my gossip partner, my outfit picker-outter, my giggle buddy, my advice giver, my best friend. And I'm sure if you could've transformed yourself into someone my age so I'd have a friend at school, you would have.
  17. You taught me how to work hard, and that I don't have limitations.
  18. You pushed me to be the best at everything I could be, no matter how much work it took.
  19. You truly believe that I could just get a book deal, right now, simple as that.
  20. You taught me how to make a fresh start in college and supported me every scary step of the way.
  21. You taught me how to be very clean and organized.
  22. You always helped me get ready for a date, even if it was a description approval over the phone.
  23. You took me to spy on my ex-boyfriends after breakups and told me what you saw while I laid on the seat.
  24. You always threw me the greatest birthday parties.


Erin said...

heartwarming. hubbys and mommas are the best.

Lori said...

oh i love this. yes yes i do. especially that your mom ex-stalked with you. she can totally join my possey.

Kari said...

Thanks for being on my side with the dog post! :) Those baby-loving losers!

mommy princess said...

I loved this post! Happy Birthday Spencer! Thanks for taking such good care of my angel! You know I'd have to come after you if you didn't! Right? You two are made for each other. Chelsi I totaly think you could get a book deal too! You better get cracking at it so I can say I'm best friends with a famous author!!! Speaking of I've had this idea for a kids christmas book for a long time. Maybe you could help me with it.

Natalie said...

You're adorable.