Monday, May 5, 2008

Lemons and Lemonade

While I usually reserve the blog for only positive news, I think a few select people would be angry with me if I didn't keep you updated on the latest. Life handed us two lemons: 1) Things didn't work out with the house...or condo. It was a team effort though: I haven't been in my job for a year, and Gold's Gym (who we hate!) put a FALSE collection on Spence's account so our credit score was two points off. Jerks! We're disputing it. So...we are renters for a while longer. *sigh*
2) I broke my 6 month seizure free streak...unfortunately. It was a pretty rough one and I'm still not feeling great. But, thankfully it happened in bed, again. My seizures are usually stress induced and happen when my stress level finally when I lay down for a nap. Luckily Spencer was right next to me so I didn't get hurt besides eating half my tongue.

And now, the long awaited post documenting Belle's birthday. It was so much fun!! Dare I say the most successful party we've ever thrown? Yes, I dare.

This was her cake

It was a big hit.

I also made pupcakes for the humans

And her Daddy made her this video:

Isn't that sweet?! To see photos of the whole party click here.

We heart our Belley Button. Here's to many, many more years, Sweet Girl!


Matt & Tati said...

Sorry to hear about the bad news. But your party looked so cute! I'm happy for you! You are so stinkin' creative!!!!!!!!!!!!

Julie said...

That stinks Chels. Let me know if you need anything. Belle's party looked like fun.

Erin said...

your lemons are no bueno, and i hope they turn into lemonade, cos you make some pretty righteous lemonade! i heart those cupcakes so much! love them. what a fabulous party chelsi. bella is such a lucky bitch. she really is though.

mommy princess said...

It's about time! I've been waiting to see Bellas birthday bash pics for weeks! I love the pup cakes!!! I'm going to try and make them for the boys. They are just crazy about dogs. Maybe Grayden will want to have a dog themed b-day. I'm so sorry about both of your lemmons!!! I just know there's a cute house out there somewhere waiting for you to find it! I know how you feel I was so glad to get into our house after 4 years in the trailer.
Don't forget how much I love you sweetie! Call me if you need to talk or anything.

Lori said...

oh chels, i'm sorrrry. :( a double whammy. but i agree those cupcakes were fantastic!! love it.

Candy said...

Thanks for writing this.