Friday, June 13, 2008

Brad, the Dad

I am a daddy's girl. And yes, I am 24 and still call him "Daddy," what of it? My Dad is totally stellar and adorable. In honor of Father's Day, I dedicate this post to him. I thought I'd post a few prec pics of me and the Brad too...excuse the "cropping." I started scrapbooking at a premature age. (I thought about putting up similar pics for my post on mother's day but I didn't think Holly would appreciate her 80's look being broadcasted...even though she ROCKED it! She was one freakin' hot mama with her perms and frosted blue eyeshadow!) So, without further ado, here's why I heart you, Daddy:

  • You tucked me in every single night till I got married, and still would if it wouldn't weird Spence out. ;)
  • Unlike MOM who throws off the blankets, opens the blinds, and comes in VACUUMING, you always woke me up sooooo gently and sweetly
  • Your chest always made a very convenient pillow during Larry King Live right before my bedtime....or should I say "bedtime"
  • You share my sweet tooth and taught me how to bake, and you randomly call me to say, "I just had the BEST ______ ever!"
  • You were always accepting of whoever I was dating
  • When I turned 16 you flew my boyfriend in just so he could take me to the prom and on my first date. Then you offered to let Colby move in with us when he was having family issues. And if that wasn't enough, you sold your guns and case to buy me the most beautiful prom dress ever, without me knowing it...that still makes me cry
  • You are the most humble, non-judgmental person I have ever, and will ever meet. You accept EVERYONE and never have a bad thing to say about ANYONE. That's what I admire most about you
  • You're completely and entirely selfless, when you do things for people, especially us kids, there is no martyrdom, no agenda, no keeping score, no expectation of anything in return
  • You would do anything for anyone, especially your kids, and you do, happily
  • Not only did you teach me and guide me, but you are humble enough to let me teach you, and you tell me when you learn something from me
  • You read your scriptures every single morning and you really study them
  • Your sense of humor is what I model mine after
  • Dad tricks, like the Climb up Dad's Legs Flipover, and the Throw me Really High in the Pool, and the Blanket Toss (That one was my fave.)
  • "Bradisms" such as: "Seriously, guys..."; "Get this woman off my TV!"; "What a wingnut!"; "I mean, literally..." and "Serious as a heart attack..."
  • You send me text messages throughout the day or an e-mail just to let me know you're thinking of me
  • You tried to teach me how to ride a bike every day for like 5 summers and after about 100 scraped knees, you told me it didn't matter if I couldn't ride a bike and that they were totally over-rated.
  • Your "I saw this and thought of my little girl" prizes
  • You gave me the most beautiful wedding ever
  • You cry when you're proud of me
  • You give the best hugs out of anyone whose ever hugged me (Sorry, Sweetie...)
  • You taught me how to really love animals

He's hilarious, obviously.

This is what happened when Daddy babysat...

Larry King Live time

Love that face.


Kari said...

Aw cute post. The prom dress one made me tear up. And the pic of you asleep during Larry King, I think you and I could've been sisters. I have a billion pictures of me looking just like that.

Julie said...

I love your dad! He is such a sweet guy. I love the tributes to your family. I need to do something like that for my fam.

mommy princess said...

You're dad is the best. But then again I'm not surprised because you deserve the best. The pictures were priceless! Thanks for playing tag with me. Love ya!