Friday, June 13, 2008


If it's true that boys marry their mothers, then I am taking that as a compliment. It's my mother-in-laws birthday today. She's fabulous. I always figured I'd clash with my in-laws. You know, you hear the stories...and some of my friends, (who shall remain anonymous in order to protect the innocent,) have had the hardest time with their MIL's. I have been blessed with the complete opposite. I don't view my in-laws as in-laws but as additional brothers, sisters, and parents...Oft times I confuse people when I say, "My sister..." because biologically I only have a brother. (Word to Monkey.) I think that has been one of the best parts of being married; my additional family.

My Jill is wonderful. She is always the life of the party and is so much fun. She also has excellent taste in clothing and always buys me fabulous purses and shoes. We have the same fashion sense and attitude about life in general..think "She's the lady in red while everyone else is wearing tan." And I think that's great. She's a wonderful second mamma. About a year ago, my parents were on their first "just the two of us" vacay since I was born, and of course, I had a seizure. Sorry guys. Jill took me in to recuperate while Spencer worked. She let me soak in her enormous tub, got me all cozy in her comfy bed, and even took me to a spa so I could get a massage. Talk about spoiled, right?

She's also a stellar Grammy. For her birthday this year, she requested nothing for herself, but a huge, amazing play ground to build in the backyard. Her and her hubby built what was named, "The Grammy Garden," where she can watch her grandbabies grow. (We will add to those all in good time.) Her greatest joy in life is making the grandbabies happy, and boy do they love their Grammy. Especially Belle. She's also the kind of Grandma that jumps on the trampoline with you, cause she's a kid at heart. So Jilly, Happy Birthday! You may be one year older, but I think you're just one year even more fabulous. Thanks for being my other mamma! I love you.

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JeriLynn said...

Oh, you are such a lucky girl!! Romantic husband, awesome mother, familial in-laws, excellent father . . . lucky girl. Of course, I appreciate what I've got. (Jay recently brought me roses, chocolate, and sparkling grape juice, put Liesl to bed, and gave me an hour massage!!)

I loved your daddy tribute. Jay will be a daddy like that, and I'm grateful I've chosen wisely. There is truly no way to tear our daddies out of our hearts, huh? But your post did make my heart ache . . . But then you mention this gorgeous prom dress, and I have no idea what it looks like. For that matter, I would like to see wedding pictures too (though I think I have before). Could you post a picture or two for me. I'm such a sucker for pretty dresses. I still think of that limo ride for your surprise shower. That was fun!