Monday, June 30, 2008

A Tribute to my Darling Angel on our 2nd Anniversary

I guess I am going to use this forum as my platform for publicly revealing how much I love my Darling Bride Chelsi. (As if you didn't know already)

It started from the moment I saw her, I was over at her apartment with a roommate of hers (who I was dating at the time) when Chelsi flung open the door and in dramatic fashion threw herself on the bed. She began dishing all of the details of some appalling date that she had just came from. I don't remember the details of the date but I do remember what she was wearing. She had on a very stylish skirt with a lacy top and a shall that tied in the front. Her hair was long, blonde and curly, just the way I like it. I also remember that she was carrying a clutch that was shaped like a corset. I even remember what I was wearing. I was sporting white gym shorts, a black Taking Back Sunday t-shirt and a backwards trucker hat complete with bandana…YUCK!

I’d like to say that I ditched the roommate and started pursuing, the fabulous, gorgeous, Chelsi at that point but I guess that wouldn’t be my style. But over the summer of 2005 Chelsi and I grew closer as friends and in the fall I began to develop a little crush on her. I had plans to go to the famed HOWL with Chelsi’s roommate but was stood up… No worries because Chels was right there to take her place. I went as the sleezy gynecologist and Chelsi of coarse dawned her Sleeping Beauty outfit. After the party the two of us went back to Chels’s apartment to watch a scary movie and cuddled.

It wasn’t until January that I realized that my crush for Chels had turned into falling head over heels for her. I asked her out to be my New Years Eve date. We went down to First Night in SLC with a few of my friends. It was our first actual non-friend romantic date. At the stroke of midnight, of what was to be the best year of my life, in the rain, under fireworks, Chels and I shared our first kiss. From there our courtship progressed at a rapid pace. By the end of January we were inseparable and by Valentines Day we had called the temple to set a date. When you know... You know.

I don’t know how it took us so long to see that we were indeed meant for each other. I guess the Lord’s plan for us was to become best friends before falling madly in love with each other. It worked out too because we finally realized that we were indeed soulmates. I don’t know what I ever did to deserve such a wonderful companion. I wasn’t always the nicest kid, or the best person, but when I’m around Chelsi, she seems to bring out the best in me; she always has. As much of you know Chelsi is one of a kind. She is fun loving, witty, silly, strong, spiritual, motivated, passionate, artistic, clever, stylish, and oh did I mention out of this world gorgeous! (This is where it is going to get really mushy)

Chelsi I just want you to know that you are the light of my life. In a world full of rainy days you are my sunshine. You embody all of my hopes and dreams. You have this way about you that makes me feel like I am Superman and that nothing is impossible. The day that you and I were married for eternity was the happiest day of my life and I can honestly say that each day as man and wife has been better than the day before it. It has been two years since that day in the temple but when I woke up to you this morning I still had butterflies as I looked at your darling face. I want you to know that I always will be everything for you: Your protector, your provider (except right now you’re my sugar momma,) your entertainer, your support system, your baby daddy (in the future), your confidant, your lover and your best friend. I love so much that here we are two years married and still newlyweds… And we always will be… I am hopelessly, endlessly, obsessively, dangerously, passionately, mad crazy in love with you never more than right now. Happy 2nd Anniversary with an eternity of more to go I love you Angel

Love your boyfriend forever, Spence

P.s. Sorry all for the long post… I had a lot to say.

P.s.s. Check out this year’s video below


JeriLynn said...

I couldn't bring myself to read the cheesy, mushy paragraph, but I read the rest! What a fun story! I love hooking-up stories.

Chels, you are lucky!

Cute video. You are looking hot, as ever! The dog outfits are too much!

Julie said...

Spencer is such a sweetheart!! How romantic!

mommy princess said...

If Stan ever wrote something like that I'd drop over dead! What a sweetheart. Happy Anniversary you two! Love ya!

Lori said...

oh yay. dude, i don't even know you...but you totally get my vote.

i'm so happy for you chels!

Erin said...

(to quote the southern black woman who saw my wedding ring, then commented:) gurl, now das REAL luh.