Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Hospital Update
It's official. The forms have been signed, sealed, and delivered. The vacation responder has been activated. The bags have been packed...though not completely. I'm checking in Monday morning, sans mac and sans Belle; two of my favorite things. At least I'll have my other favorite with me. Thanks sis for watching the babe until you leave for Mesquite. To the fam, we'll miss you and we're sorry we won't be on Johnston Family Vacay, 2008. Be safe! To the rest of you, I have been informed that I won't know my room number till I check in on Monday morning. If you want to come and visit, you'll have to call the U of U hospital, my hubs, or my mom.

My Blog is Hot
Speaking of Holly, she was slightly disappointed in me when a loved and long-time family friend, Lori Law, told her she frequently reads my blog and with a giggle, asked my mom if she knew what I got for my anniversary. She didn't. When I told her, she thought it was muy inappropriate for me to share with the blogging world. Sorry, Mommy. If I made any of my readers uncomfortable, I apologize! (Though I doubt I's funny! Loosen up, Madre!) Lori, I love you and I'm glad you read my blog!! Tell my mom that you appreciate my silliness.

We wanted to do something really fun before I went into the hospital. Last weekend we took Belle on her first camp out; but as a supplement, Spencer surprised me and took me to Lagoon for the day on Tuesday. I've never been with my boyfriend before and it was a life-long dream. It was sooooooooooooooo much fun! I could hardly stand the fun-ness. I love going to amusement parks with him; it reminds us of our honeymoon, part one, in Disneyland. Our favorite ride was Wicked. OMG, soooooooo fun. If the line wasn't ten miles long, we would've gone 10 times like the kids in front of us.

We forgot our camera, so Spencer suggested we buy a disposable. I asked, "Do they even have those anymore?" They do. There will be pictures later after I get them developed and scanned.....weird! :)

Anyway, it was great fun and I even braved the Rocket for my beloved. He said I was a lot tougher than his BFF, Devin. YES! We had fun people watching. These were the highlights:

  • Some girl made them stop Wicked for about ten minutes because she dropped her cell phone, then she was distraught beyond measure when they retrieved her squished cell-phone remains. She immediately collapsed, bawling hysterically.
  • We were stopped momentarily on the sky ride when a whole clan of people was trying to identify spitters. It turned out to be two 13-year-old girls! How would you like that call? "Mrs. Johnston, you us owe $299 because we caught your daughter spitting on patrons from the skyride today."
  • These tweens behind us on Rattlesnake Rapids would not quit talking about how they hated this girl Erica because her nose was squished and she wore hearing aids. I asked them to take a picture of us because most strangers think I'm deaf. They didn't stop after that...they probably thought, "Well, she can't hear us anyway..." We agreed that if our child acted like that they would be escorted home and forced to do volunteer work for the deaf community. Tween girls are trouble at Lagoon!
  • Watching the kids on the kiddie rides....sooooo funny and soooo cute. They have really cool kiddie rides now! They now have the Lady Bug Bop and Dinosaur Drop, which are essentially mini versions of The Rocket; Kontiki, a mini version of the Tidal Wave, but that also spins; and the Dragonfly, a mini and even cooler version of the Turn of the Century Swings.
We came home exhausted and sweaty, just the way you should leave Lagoon. After a shower I got in bed and felt like I was still on a ride. I giggled and then slept very well. Go to Lagoon. After all, it's what fun is. While you're there, go on the Spider and the Odessy for us...they were closed and looked really fun.

Mission Impossible

Mom had some medicine for me that I needed. We weren't going to make it to the Lasater residence after Lagoon till about 11 and since they go to bed promptly at 9:30, (not kidding!) mom said she'd leave it on the porch. I called to confirm with Dad. He said it was on the porch. Poor guy had just driven home from Butte, Montana.

So, we pull up to my parents' house and Spence hops out, only to come back empty-handed. I hop out to see if I can find anything. I find a manilla folder under the mat with a Sunday School lesson in it...nope, not what I need. We debate in the driveway. Should I go in? What if we wake them up? We'll be in trouble! I need my meds...I'm going in! I enter the garage door code. Spencer picks up Belle so she doesn't run right upstairs and jump in bed with Grandpa, Grandma, and Gracie. I open the door, careful not to creak. I pause and listen for sounds of stirring. Holding my breath, I search the medicine cabinet, then the kitchen table and laundry room, common places for random items to be deposited. Nothing. I will myself to climb the stairs to my bedroom, right across the hall from my parents' room. I climb fast and on my toes, a method that produces the least amount of creaking. Reaching my bedroom I shut the door and flip on the light. There is a box on my bed and I rifle through it, finding the pills and other necessities. I turn off the light and open the door. I note three snores...Dad, Gracie, and a soft little dainty one from Mom. Monkey isn't home yet.

I creep down the stairs and suddenly Gracie awakes. I panic. I whisper, "Grace, don't bark, ok? It's me!" As she approaches I scratch her head and say, "Shhh....I'll give you a treat." I fly down the stairs as fast as I can without alarming the dog.

I whisper-yell to Spencer, "Get Belle out! Gracie woke up!"

"What?" he says.

"Gracie woke up! She can't see Belle or she'll bark! Abort mission!! Abort, abort!!"

"Crap!" he says

"My shoes! Get my shoes!" I say whilst tossing a treat to Gracie in the opposite direction of Belle.

We shut the door and exit the garage. Spencer punches in the code to shut the door and we are in the car a second later. We wait for lights to come on in the house. Nothing. The front door remains closed, so does the garage. We did it.

"Holy crap!" I breathe a sigh of relief as we pull away.

"I know! That was like mission freaking impossible! I thought we were toast when Gracie woke up. It sounded like a gosh damn person coming down the stairs! I can't believe she didn't bark!"

"I offered her a treat," I explain.

The next morning Dad texts me, "Hey, did you get that box? I was out of it and didn't hear you."

"Yeah, it was in my room. I can't believe I didn't wake you up!"

"I thought your mom put it on the porch."

Mom texts me later, "He told me not to put it on the porch cause he'd be awake!"

Mom and Dad, work on your communication and install an alarm system...or get a dog with less of an appetite. ;)

That's all for now! See you when I get home!


Erin said...

best of luck in the hospital chelsi; i'll be thinking of you and your lack of pooch and 'puter.

aw, lagoon... haven't been there in years. i think i'm due. those little season pass turd tweens have a lot of growing up to do. i was never that big of a jerk!

mommy princess said...

Don't forget how much I love you! I'll pray that all the tests will be worth it. I'm so glad you have spencer to be there with you through all of this. I don't worry about you as much anymore now that I know he's taking care of you. Worry you ask? That's what big sisters are supposed to do!

Southams said...

Hey sweetie! I hope you're doing well. Drop me a line when you're back. I don't think I'll get to see you before I leave, so keep in touch!