Wednesday, July 9, 2008

heels over head...

It's hard to believe two years have gone by since this day:

And that a year has gone by since this day:

For more wedding pics, (ahem, Jerilynn!) visit these links:

We had a wonderful second anniversary. We went to the Anniversary Inn in Logan and stayed in the Asian room...oooh! Yes, I did wear a kimono. We also had dinner at Kobe, in keeping with the Asian theme. Here is a pre-kimono shot.

For more, go here:

I was spoiled rotten! I got a pre-ordered Breaking Dawn, a lighted statue of the Salt Lake Temple, a love letter, my cute video (see previous post), and....drumroll please?

Hells yeah! I finally got my long-coveted peekaboo pole. Happy freakin' anniversary! Where is it you ask? The living room right now. It comes down and up very easily. I thought no other anniversary present could ever top my little Belle, but the pole is a close second....almost. 

Belle stayed with her Aunt Summer, Uncle Micah, and cousins Miley and fetus during the festivities. Thanks, sis! She, of course, had a wonderful time, but we missed her LIKE crazy! We only spent 4 days sans Belle but it felt like forever. It's amazing how much joy she brings to our lives. When she finally got home, she pawed at the pole, very confused, for about two minutes. Then, she slept for about 4 days straight. Mi-mi...I think you're the only person who can tire her out. This led me to feel like a bad I wasn't giving her enough stimulation. So, Spence said he'd take her running while I turbo jam. She likes it, and we like it because she sleeps in.

In other non-stripper news...I am going into the hospital for a seizure study on July 21st. I will be there 5-10 days. They're going to take me off my meds and hook me up to a bunch of machines and let me have about 5-7 seizures so they can find out where my seizures are coming from. Spencer will be with me the whole time, not to worry. I'm really excited about being on 50% or less meds...I am going to feel like a real person again for the first time in 10 years! (At least before the first seizure happens.) My husband probably won't know who I am. I'll have so much energy I'll be like, "Where's my turbojam?! Wanna go hiking?! Let's go to Lagoon!!!"

My only concern is the sheer boredom that is bound to occur. The nurse informed me that there is a DVD player in the room....but I can only watch so much TV...I get soooooooo bored. I thought I'd catch up on some reading, but I'm all caught up! I was saving my latest Anita Stansfield book....was. I couldn't help myself and I have one chapter left. And Breaking Dawn won't be out yet. Any recommendations? I'm very picky...I only like church-ish romance novels for reading entertainment. I suppose I could re-read all of Anita's books for the third time... *sigh*

The worst news though, is that I can't bring my laptop!!!!!! It will interfere with the machines. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITHOUT MY LAPTOP FOR 5-10 DAYS?!?! I cannot fathom it! I can't! I run my battery out twice a day, every day but Saturday and Sunday. I've spent AT LEAST one hour on my computer every single day since I was 13. I was even going to work on my novel and do some digital scrapbooking. AND, just for you, I was going to create a video blog so everyone could stay updated. I really might go insane from boredom. Please, I beg of you...come to the U and visit me! When I find out what room I am in, I'll post it.


Matt & Tati said...

Good luck with that study! That's a long time to be in a hospital (especially with no computer!). It's a good thing you've got such a sweet hubby. :)

Kari said...

First of all, you SLUT!:) Second, I hope everything goes well with the study. Third, only one hour a day? I'd say that for me, three hours at least haha. Maybe I should make a conscious effort to cut back.

JeriLynn said...

Thanks for the wedding pics! I loved them, particularly the ones with dresses and cakes. You were (and still are) gorgeous! I love the hairpiece you had. And your dress. And the spring colors.

As for the 10 day study, at least you'll have your husband. I spent three days in the hospital this week, and I was ready to go home. I'm worried about you having siezures, but at least you'll already be there. And I'm sorry you have so many medications to take. Maybe they'll let you have a treadmill in your room so you can run off all your energy? And is it an observation room with no privacy, or how does that work? You probably won't be able to take your pole. ;)

Good luck. You're in my prayers!

Julie said...

Chels, you are hilarious! I'm glad you got your pole. Now you can add to your dancing skills. You know ballerina, stripper, etc. I can't believe it's already that time to do your study. We'll keep you in our prayers!! We'll have to come visit you guys. Let us know details.

Lori said...

ooooh i like the peekaboo pole. yes yes i do. :)

happy anniversary!