Monday, August 4, 2008

a few of my favorite things

This is happening. Get in on it.

Favorites Thing Swap!

(all credit for the idea goes to Kelly at According to Kelly)

Tell ALL your blogging friends to jump on this bandwagon.
Oh, it’s going to be absolutely fantabulous!

It’s really quite simple: as a participant, you will be asked to choose at least three objects (I don’t think anyone would mind if you decide to send more) that are some of YOUR favorite things to send to your partner… maybe it’s an apron you made, your new favorite book, or that favorite flavor of lip gloss. Be creative & most importantly have fun with it! Objects can be new or vintage, bought or handmade… just remember, it is probably best to send something the you’d be pleased to receive yourself.

Ready to join the fun? Please e-mail your particulars to Sign-ups will be open until Saturday, August 9th… so get your friends involved! Leave me a comment so I can expect your email and send your blogging friends this way! I’ll need the following info in the email:

• your name.

• mailing address.

• email address.

• website / blog / flickr (must be involved with at least one of these so you can sufficiently get to know your partner).

• a little something about yourself.

• please indicate if you are willing to ship internationally.

Swap partners will be emailed to you shortly after the sign-up deadline (using Carlee’s cool randomizer). The delivery date for this swap is
Monday August 25th … please have it postmarked by then. Once you receive your package, be sure to post photos on your blog and tell us about your loot and the person who sent them to you (include their link in your post) Then email the pics to me, I’ll create a web album with a public link for everyone to enjoy! If you have any questions/ comments, just drop me a line at:

Ohhh this will be too much fun, get excited!!!!

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JeriLynn said...

Chelsi, what about an update on how things went, huh?

I am lucky my husband was absolutely clueless on what this little girl's name should be. He let me have Mirabelle because we were both tired of calling her "the baby," and I told him, "That's it, I'm naming her." And I did. :D

I loved your Lagoon post. I love going to theme parks with Jay. The beach is also wonderful. I can't believe how rude those tween girls were. They must have been clueless. In my opinion, that's a result of kids today having no real communication skills because all they do is text.