Thursday, August 14, 2008

Pop Quiz! Who is the most beloved woman on Earth?

It Starts with a C.
It's me (Spence) again writing another post to profess my undying love for my bride... I know that most of you know my wife very well and had fallen in love with her much earlier than I did but I've had a number of long lost friends (who've never met my Chelsi) find my blog and for them I want talk a little bit about my lil princess.
Like most of you I began to marvel at Chelsi from the moment I met her. Never had I met a person who deeply cared for others more than her. When dating her roommate, for every holiday I would call Chelsi to ask for some gift ideas to fit various occasions. Chelsi always had the most innovative thoughtful ideas to share with me on what I needed to do to portray the right amount of thought and personal touch into making a gift special. Now I can't call her for advice but I somehow seem to get by.

Most of you have benefited from these types of services that Chelsi performs. Whether it be priceless advice or a cute little present or dinner when you weren't feeling well or even a thank you card when she has received something nice from you. Chelsi has always been there for all of us.

Those of you who've grown up with Chelsi or have known her for a long time also know of the various physical struggles that she has dealt with her entire life. From not being able to ride a bike as a kid to not being able to drive a car as an adult her life has seen it's fair share of trials. But not once will you ever hear her complain or use her condition as an excuse for any short comings.

Chelsi has a brilliant mind. She has been blessed with many talents from being a great listener to being a great artist (both Cakes and Canvas) to being an amazing writer and poet. For her hard work in school she was awarded many scholarships that paid for every penny of her college education (Thank You) She graduated forever ago (it seems like it cause I'm still going) and has been my sugar momma for the past two years. She is truly an elect lady and I will be forever greatful that she chose me to be her partner in crime for all of eternity.

Being Chelsi's Husband isn't easy. There are many door that need to be opened, many chairs that need to be pulled out and many many falls that need to be prevented by a good hand hold. And every once in a while you have to have your heart broken as you watch your Darling Angel have another seizure... But I feel that I am more than up to the challenge.

Chelsi never ceases to educate me on what toughness is. I've played sports all of my life. I've had compound fractures, stitches, concussions, contusions and all of the other ions you could think of. But my petite bride takes the cake in every measure of toughness there is.
About a year and a half ago we learned that in order for the doctors to further understand Chelsi's epilepsy we would have to admit her into the hospital and hook her head up to a brain wave machine. Then we would take her off of her meds thus inducing a seizure and that would help the Drs find out just where the damn things are coming from. Sounds simple enough right? Wrong! For the first week we sat in a hospital room watching every movie we own and playing every silly game we could think of (I don't mean to rehash old posts) but she was trapped in a (rather nice)hospital room with a 24 hour camera on her, just for kicks. On the 9th day Chelsi's brain decided it had gone far enough and graced us with a seizure. I wasn't there. I was in Logan at work.... I immediately left work and drove as fast as I could (without speeding) to be by her side but before I could get there she went and had another seizure. When I got to the hospital she was sooooooooo sick! My poor baby couldn't keep much of anything down and the medicine they gave her (that usually puts her right to sleep) was not providing affective relief. Instead Holly and I held her exhausted lifeless body up as she tried her hardest to exercise whatever demons lay in her tummy. That night Chelsi faded in and out of conciousness and finally fell asleep for good. The next day she woke up... Fine! Well sort of... she didn't remember most of the day that preceded her and had no memories of the dreaded sickness that came over her after two seizures but I did. I'm here to tell you that most of us would not be able to withstand that kind of punishment. These words bring a tear to my eye as I reflect back.

Still through the pains of harsh seizures or heavy medications, Chelsi spends most of her days trying to drum up ways to make me the happiest man on Earth. I hope she knows that she doesn't have to try very hard. Her presence in my life has been one that changed me for the good FOREVER! Everyone who knew me before I met my wife has no clue who I am now because She really has made me the man I am today. She motivates me to accomplish the impossible. She teaches me how to believe in myself. She taught me that life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass it's about learning to dance in the rain. I don't know how the beautiful princess chose the creepy OBGYN but my only hope is that she doesn't regret her decision for a single second. I dedicate my existence to hopefully making my Angel's life a little less difficult and I hope that I am doing a good enough job. She means everything to me, She truly lives to make me happy and the Happiest Man on Earth I am. I hope all of you could come to know just how amazing my wife is and I hope that all of you benefit as I do from her shining example of how to treat people and how to treat yourself.

I love you Angel... So much

Your humble servant and sex slave forever



Mal , Ryan and Hadlee said...

Spence you are such a sweet heart! sounds like you are a luck man to have such a wonderful wife! Sounds like she has been through a lot I am so sorry to hear that. You guys sound way cute and Spence you sound so happy more that i thought you were in high school Good luck with everything and stay in touch!!!
love ya Mal

Lori said...

awww you know i like you more and more each time you post. eventually i'll meet you.. yes i will. i'm glad you know what an amazing wife you have. sounds like she has an equally wonderful husband. so glad you two have each other.

Natalie said...

You two are so cute!! I just gave your blog an award because you two are so cute!!

Kara Gold said...

Hey, that is random... how did you find us? Sorry to hear about your hospital stay, eek. I hope you're feeling much, much better! Good to hear from you

Julie and KC said...

So sweet!

mommy princess said...

Spencer, You're a living breathing testimony to me that heavenly father hears and answers. The moment I met you I knew you were an answer to my prayers for Chels. Even now as I read this post I seriously had tears in my eyes. I love that girl so much, I knew the first time I met her that she was a friend worth holding onto forever. For some reason my path in life took me far away from my sweet sister. It's crazy, but I've known Chelsi for 8 years now and 6 of them have been a long distance friendship! I used to get quite jealous of all her college roomates getting to spend so much time with her. And pretty peeved at the not so nice girls in her life. But now I just hope as many people as possible can meet Chelsi. If they're smart they'll let her illuminate their lives in the way only our Chelsi can. Keep taking care of her Spence, since she's had you I don't worry so much anymore.

Chelsi said...

i love you, yes, yes i dooo!

Goldies said...

Pippy...hmm, well I'm glad you found our little fam. How are you doing these days? I hope you have good news and positive conclusions from the hospital. Keep in touch ok!

Heidi said...

That was one of the most beautiful things I've ever read. Ever.