Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I got this tag forever ago and forgot to post the pics. You're supposed to take pictures of things in your home as they are...no cleaning or photoshopping allowed. Soooo, here you go. Welcome to my home...eek!

1. the laundry room...it's more of a laundry closet, but for now, it works. Besides, look how I've utilized the space!!

2. favorite room.

i love EVERY room in our apartment. i have three very favorite rooms...which is a lot considering we have a total of 6 rooms, including bathrooms. first, i love my dining room.

my equally, maybe more favorite room is my family room. it is my little gallery filled with memories.

Spencer would like you to please note the huge TV. ;) Oh, honey...

Belle would like you to note her toy basket.

And this is my third favorite room. We just HGTV'd the heck out of it. We've yet to get a hot pink slip cover for the futon, but it's coming. This is the office/guest room/art studio/art gallery.

3. what the kids are doing.

This face means, "Mommy, why are we running around taking pictures?"

4. Favorite Shoes. OMG...really? I have to pick ONE pair out of my 50 plus pairs...all fabulous, btw? Okay, for now it's these. Lepord, sparkley, peep toe, bow on the heel...grrr!

5. The toilet.

6. Kitchen Sink. remnants of dinner, soaking.

7. Refrigerator. outside and in

we'd recently been sick...see the sprite/7-up and pepto bismal? :(

8. self-portrait.

There's an actual self-portrait in the office. See above.

9. the closet. um....i have two...ahem. i could use three. spence uses the one in the office. it was his idea...he loves his lil' fasionista.

10. dirtiest room. it's a toss up between this

You can't tell but the counter is covered in hair and makeup residue.

and this, because i was right in the middle of my mid-week "make 7 meals and freeze them" marathon:

11. dream vacation.


but in Lido, Italy (by Venice)....

with them...

I tag: anyone who dares....muahaha


JeriLynn said...
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JeriLynn said...

Yeah, that was me! I hate how you can't edit comments once they're written.

Anyhow, fun tag. I think that sounds like fun, but I'll have to wait until my girls are asleep again.


JeriLynn said...
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JeriLynn said...

K, that was dumb. I apparently managed to post the same thing twice.

I just came back to tell you that Liesl really likes the pink words on your site. She is sooooooo girly. Pink, purple, and more pink. I love it!

Natalie said...

Awesome tag...I'm jealous that you have six rooms -- that sounds so plush! We need to move to Logan.

Love the closet too -- the hubs and I are in a constant competition to see who has more clothes, so there is no way he'd share!

Lori said...

what a cute place!!!! and holy closet space, chicka. totally salivating.