Monday, August 11, 2008


I am doing well, but still recovering. Thank you for everyone's sweet comments and love and concern. Now, neighbors, where the hell are my casseroles?! Just kidding...sorta. ;) It's been a pretty uneventful week...just working from home and sleeping as much as humanly possible.

Two things happened though.

One: I made this cake for my coworker's twins' homecoming.

Sí, amigos, that is an entirely edible (besides the pinata) sombrero cake. They both went to Mexico. Bienvenido a casa los ancianos Reese! I hope they liked it.

Two: This morning, to help my nausea, Belle decided to roll around in poop. Yay! Spencer promptly raced home and gave her a very thorough bath. What a hubby! She's been hiding under the bed ever since. (As well she should.)

On a side note, these are some pics of me and my niece, Miley, at the hospital. Note the progressive silliness. Isn't she adorable?


Erin said...

your cakes are entirely bitchin. i'm inspired.

Shanda Petersen said...

Wow! That cake is killer! Seriously you have such a talent with cakes! It amazes me every time I see the new ones! You rock!

Your niece is so freaking cute it kills me! I love that she loves you so much and is like obsessed with everything you do!

Kari said...

your cake decorating skillzzzzzzzzz are awesome. i like your juno intro song on your page ha.