Sunday, September 21, 2008


I am blessed for many reasons...I have a wonderful family, I wasn't an 80's bride, they invented yogurt that helps women poop...but one of the biggest blessings has been the people the Lord has sent into my life. There was a scripture in this month's Ensign that I loved: "Since thou wast precious in my site, thou hast been honourable, and I have loved thee: therefore will I give men for thee, and people for thy life" (Isaiah 43:4). Throughout my life, there have been many moments when I have met someone, and known they would change my life forever. I refer to them as my Angels. Some, I got only for a short time...most actually. But there are a choice few, who are life-long angels.

One of those angels is my friend Shani. She has been a best friend of mine for 8 years now. We met when I was a sophomore and she was a senior at Weber High. High school wasn't really a joyous time for me...I struggled. I was an old soul, tormented and hollow from a too-serious relationship and nobody understood me. I hadn't blossomed into the bubbly, outgoing, silly girl most of you least not in public. I was considering fashion design as a career, so I signed up for a fashion design class from Ms. Duetry. (I love you, Kathy!!) I knew it would be fun, but I had no idea it would bring me an angel.

I remember staring at her in awe when I first saw her. She was so beautiful, and yet she didn't even try. I couldn't even be sure she was wearing makeup, but I couldn't take my eyes off her. She reminded me of Snow White. She had kind eyes. She must have noticed me staring, because she immediately introduced herself and her friends, and invited me to sit with them. She was so sweet and genuine. We immediately bonded. She told me all about her boyfriend, who was my age, who was the little brother of one of her best friends, and all of the drama that situation brought with it. I told her all about Colby and the hole in my chest that just would not close. (I know, call me melodramatic if you wish.) I looked forward to that hour and a half every other day when Shani would turn her desk to face mine and we'd talk at 100 miles a minute while pouring over sketches.

Soon, our friendship started extending beyond B days. We didn't hang out a TON after school; we both had serious boyfriends, jobs, and various responsibilities. But, whenever we did, it was quality time. She was the only person on the planet that I told when Colby flew in from CT to take me to prom. Of course, she made sure to invite us everywhere their group went, since she was kind of my only least the only one I was sure wouldn't try to sabotage it. She also made sure to spend FOREVER molding my hair into the most magnificent creation you've ever seen on prom night, and barely had time to style her own hair.

(Jerilynn, this is THE dress I was talking about.) Shani has always had this uncanny ability to appear out of thin air whenever I needed her. When Colby's dad informed me he'd run away from home, I hung up the phone, and immediately the doorbell rang. Shani held me while I sobbed and snotted all over her for hours. Months later when I was at Senior Cotillion on THE WORST date EVER IN EXISTENCE, she found me in some random bathroom at The Marriott hotel crying over Colby while my date refused to dance with me because I wouldn't get a hotel room with him.

When she graduated and moved to NYC to be a nanny, panic struck me. I had no idea what I was going to do without Shani making sure I didn't fall apart at the seams. It was certainly very close, a number of times, but in our short year together, she'd strengthened me. For instance, her boyfriend, who was my age, started dating this girl who was just.....well I'll be honest, she was snotty, not cute, clingy, whiny, and definitely not Shani. So, naturally one morning, I drug him outside and asked him what the hell he thought he was doing cheating on my best friend right in front of me, and with such a poor choice. (Don't worry, she found someone better.)

When I graduated, Shani got married and lived in St. George. After the wedding, I moved to Logan. We were very far apart, but when my bff/roomie went nuts and left dead animals in my bathtub and cut up my clothes, (yes. true story.) somehow, Shani, newly-wedd and pregnant, always knew just when to send me a note in the mail or call and check on me. She even called me while in labor, on her one-year anniversary, because she'd heard I had a seizure. Yes. She is THAT amazing.

The amazingness continued as she had her second baby and was thrust into some scary health problems. I was living in Oregon, but flew home to see her, and my second nephew, Todd, who was born with his tummy on the outside. I couldn't believe what a pillar of strength she was for her entire family. Thanks to her amazingness, Todd is now an amazing, very healthy little boy...who I don't know well enough. *Sigh* Someday.

When I told Shani I was getting married, she was understandably nervous. I'd dated some real winners. However, she immediately jumped on board and got together with my other amazing friends and bridesmaids and threw me a FABULOUS bachelorette party, complete with a stretch limo and a run-in with my Arch Nemesis, Amber Robinson. I was surrounded by friends, with a huge rock on my finger, celebrating my marriage, getting into a limo, and Amber was, well, alone. Hahaha.

I think they must have orchestrated the entire thing with Amber, what are the odds? Anyway, Shani worked hard to get to know Spencer, and made sure my day was absolutely perfect.

After the wedding, we were dealing with some health issues. I was horribly frustrated one day...upset beyond consolation, unable to remember any of the good things in my life. Naturally, I got a package in the mail the day I was at breaking point. I started bawling as soon as I saw my name scrolled prettily in her ornate script. She'd made me a little scrapbook of my party, filled with notes, memories, and reminders of people who loved me.

Last Tuesday was another really bad day. It actually led to a seizure on Wednesday. I was incredibly upset over a changing friendship of mine. I don't deal well with change...I'm working on it. Spencer brought me flowers and gave me a pep talk to heal my broken heart...but it was the mail that did it. Once again, simply because I am sure the Spirit is constantly speaking to her, Shani just KNEW she should put a package in the mail and have it arrive on Tuesday. In the package was a homemade card and a note about how much she loved me.

Now, I forgot to mention that Shani is one of THE MOST talented human beings I have ever met. So, also in the package were FOUR pairs of the most fabulous earrings EVER. Here are some pics.

Oh, also that day I just happened to be wearing a hair clip she made me too. Go to Simply Shani to check out all of her fabulous products. Also, check out this paint job. Isn't she fab?

Anyway, not only is she incredibly talented, but the best part about Shani is that she is incredibly in tune. She has a way of magically knowing just what I need, just when I need it. She is one of my few life-long Angels and I am incredibly blessed to have her in my life. I love you, Shani. Thanks for taking such good care of me!


Carlee Hoopes said...

Kory knew Shani in high school. They sang in the Chamber Choir together and he said she was so nice and had the most beautiful voice! Sounds like she's got more going for her than that even! You are lucky to have such a great friend...and I LOVE those earrings! I just got my ears pierced and I'm in love with the longer earrings. I will need to go to her site and look for some!

Carlee Hoopes said...

Sorry, Kory's my husband in case you didn't know.

mommy princess said...

Well, I have to say I'm very touched and even a little red cheeked from all those nice things you said about me. Boy have I got you fooled! lol
Sooo...I thought I'd tell everyone my side of the story. You might want to take a peek at my blog!
xoxo By the way the earings look fab on you!

Lori said...

I didn't know you and Shani were so close! She's a sweetheart. She made choir bearable. Love that girl.

Bry and Meg said...

Hey Chelsi this is Meghan Shani's little sis. and I just wanted to let you Know that I cried when i read the blogs you wrote about each other. I also wanted to tell you how much I Look up to you. I remeber being in 7th grade and you where in 9th grade and looking up to you. You were always so nice and so pretty. I don't think you knew me than but, I watched you all the time and when my sister came home and told me she was friends with you I thought she was the luckiest girl in the world. Chelsi you are awesome and I will always look up to you.

JeriLynn said...

That is the most beautiful friendship! Oh, how my heart aches. As I navigated to your page, I was wondering if you're okay. I'm sorry you had a friendhsip fall apart. I still think about the falling out I had with one of my best friends. My heart still hurts like . . . well, there's a hole in it that can't be filled by anybody else. (haha, that sounds like how you described Colby, but that's always how I've felt about Christa.) I know how hard those losses are, and I'm sorry you had a siezure. When I lost Christa, I tore apart my entire apartment. That was four years ago, and I'm still achy! It never goes away. You're in my prayers, sweety.

JeriLynn said...

BTW, that dress is gorgeous! You look like a gilded statue!

JeriLynn said...

I remember Shani at your bridal shower. I remember she was really sweet. I'm sorry I don't remember much else. (Like the run-in with Amber, though I do remember the name.) That's the day I was having major preterm labor and ended up going on bedrest. Which is why I missed out on your gorgous wedding. Ugh!

Chelsi said...

Meg, you are so sweet! I hope you read this because I don't have your e-mail. That made me feel so good that you looked up to me! I've always viewed myself as sort of a loser back then so it makes me feel really good that someone as adorable as you looks up to me!! xoxo