Friday, September 5, 2008

favorite things swap and Bella vs. Chelsi

One of my favorite people, Lori, organized this fun thing called "the favorite things swap." She paired us with random people and then we each sent each other three of our favorite things. I was paired with Heidi. I found Heidi to be an AMAZING mother of twin boys who likes to read, scrapbook and cook, like me. (Among other things...but that's what we had in common.) I sent her some of my favorite scrapbook supplies that she could make better use of than I could, a booklet of my favorite recipes, and a print out of one of my all-time favorite quotes by Dr. Bob Moorehead, referenced by Elder Eyring.

I was shown up, however, when Heidi made me the cutest apron EVER! It was so adorable that I decided to incorporate it into my kitchen decor, and went and bought this little hook to hang it on my wall. I cannot wait till I'm feeling well enough to use it. I will take a picture of me in it then, but right now I look not so hot. Anyway, it's the one in the middle...the cutest one! Isn't it adorable?! I know! Upon opening the package I exclaimed, "SHUT UP!" I love it. Also in the package were some homemade mandarin orange bath salts, and a DVD with the Twilight series and like 10 Jane Austen books on it! I've uploaded them all to my ipod and have spent many nights soaking in an orangey tub listening to Twillight. If you haven't gathered this yet, I'm sickly obsessed with the series...really, it's embarrassing. I borrowed Twillight and New Moon from my sister and have since returned them, (Spence bought me Eclipse and Breaking Dawn) and I've been wanted to start over again since I finished Breaking Dawn in three days. (And I want to be fresh for when the movie comes out, and Edward's version. Ps. The song on our playlist, "This is for Keeps" by The Spill Canvas is going to be on the Twillight movie soundtrack. Listen to the's perfect! And oh-so-sexy I might have an aneurism!) So...I have one chapter of Twillight left and then I'm done again...hahahaha! Spence has been listening too since he has to babysit me whilst in the tub. The other night he exclaimed, "You know, you really ARE like Bella! I feel like Edward trying to keep you from falling down all the time and protecting you!" (Everyone compares me to Bella because I'm so clutsy.)

Well, last night, I validated everyone's teasing. I have this fabulous massuse, Carol, who saves my back whenever I have a seizure. I've gotten massages lots of times, from Carol and others. The process is always the same. For those of you unfamiliar with it, you start out on your tummy with your face resting in the face rest...obviously. Then, the massuse holds the blanket covering you away from your body and looks away while you slide down and roll onto your back. Well, I'm not really sure what happened...but I rolled right off the table...butt naked. Carol rushed to help me, but the sheets were all tangled so she got a good look at my bum, my yoohoo, and a REALLY good look at the girls, especially the right one because I was so dazed after the fall it took me a second to realise that rightie was hanging out of the sheet when I had gotten back up on the table. Carol was really concerned about me, asking if I felt dizzy or all her 30 years that had never happened to her! Spencer rushed in, "What happened?!" he yelled. "She rolled off the table!" "You ok, doll?" "Yes," I said sheepishly. He called me Bella the whole way home, which really confused the dog. (See, I told you I was obsessed!)


Heidi said...

You are so sweet, I'm glad you liked everything! You deserve it!! Your massage table story cracked me up. I hope you get feeling better soon!!

Mandy said...

Aw Chels! You are like Bella! I'm really sorry that you've been doing poorly, but I'm glad you have vampire crack to keep you company... (that's what I've been calling it since it's so addicting).

You'll be excited to hear about this if you haven't heard it yet... the first 12 chapters of Midnight Sun are on Stephenie Meyer's website! When you finish rereading Breaking Dawn, you should check it out. It's really interesting to read from Edward's POV.

Lots of love!

Lori said...

niiiice. i think that's hilarious about your massage!

i love the stuff heidi sent you, rock on!