Thursday, September 25, 2008

i'm Chelsi Johnston, and I approved this message.

Some of you may not know this...but I am deathly afraid of cats. It started when I was little. I watched this movie, on Lifetime I'm pretty sure, about these cats who lived under this family's house. They multiplied and ended up taking over the house. They suffocated the baby, (which cats ACTUALLY do, btw!) and ate the baby, then killed the mom. Anyway, my fear was dramatically increased when my friend Heather got a cat with some psychological problems. It liked to attack me. Luckily, it got ran over by a car, but since then, other cats can smell my fear and they also find me very attackable. I'm terrified of them. I frequently have what I refer to as catmares. (Nightmares during which cats try to kill me.) Anyway, that is why this is my new favorite thing on TV. I may even watch a reality show about Snoop just because of this commercial.

Thank you, E!


Kari said...

First of all, I love the video. Second, I love how you were happy that it got run over by a car. You are heartless! I'm not a cat fan either...they could pounce on you at any moment!

Lori said...

oh i love it.

Carlee Hoopes said...

That's hilarious. I've always been afraid of cats too!!!

Blake and Jenn said...

Blake bought him for me. He was hiding behind the car to surprise me...

JeriLynn said...

Chelsi, you and I would have been enemies as children. I was known as. . . well, Catwoman. I once counted the cats in my bedroom (stuffed animals, toys, wall-paper border) and had, I think, about 242. I LOVED cats. Then my parents divorced and I just happened to develop an allergy to cats. I still like them, but both Jay and I are mildly allergic.

That was one of the more hilarious videos I've seen in a while, BTW. I'm so glad we don't have tv so I don't have to see all the political messages out there. Talk radio is enough for me!

One good thing must be noted about cats: they eat hobo spiders.

Jumping spiders and praying mantises are also natural enemies to the hobo.