Monday, September 15, 2008

i'm it

8 things that i am passionate about...
1. literature
2. fashion and anything closely related
3. women being educated and not going to school to find a man and then dropping out
4. temple marriage
5. friendship
6. having a sense of humor
7. being creative
8. computers

8 words or phrases i use often...
1. shut UP! (sort of like "No Way!)
2. quotes from Anchor Man
3. that's what she/he said
4. wtf?
5. Bellaaa!
6. are you listening? (only in October)
7. I have (insert song here) in my head
8. whatev

8 things i want to do before i die...
1. have good kids
2. own a house
3. live somewhere cool
4. write a book...or several
5. go to europe again
6. have a pretty comfy amount of money
7. own a tempurpedic matress
8. take spencer to fenway park

8 things i have learned from my past..
1. i love people too much, whatev
2. i need closure for everything
3. don't worry so much about your weight...geeze!
4. be positive. life isn't about waiting out the storm, it's about learning to dance in the rain
5. don't use your circumstances as an excuse for making bad choices. play the hand you were dealt and play it well
6. i am strong
7. my parents love me in a manner that is detrimental to their health
8. always put your spouse above you

8 places i would love to go or see..
1. Disney World
2. Boston
3. Italy again
4. Paris again
5. Catalina again
6. Maine
7. Cali...who doesn't love Cali?
8. Oregon...basically anywhere with spencer

8 things i currently need or want...
1. a raise
2. a house
3. spencer to be in a career
4. to feel good
5. a maid
6. a bed that i don't want to burn in hatred
7. the zit on my chin to go away
8. a vacay!

8 people i tag..
1. Lori
2. Erin
3. Natalie
4. Shani
5. Shanda
6. JeriLynn
7. Tati
8. Jules

And completely unrelated and just for fun:


Natalie said...

Aww, do you rant about friends dropping out of school like I do! It's hard to see and Adam hears my tirades.
Come to Cali -- who doesn't like Cali!

JeriLynn said...

You work with the cards you are dealt better than anyone else I have ever met!


Chelsi said...

Yes Nat...I do. I also rant about the ones who finish only to become housewives. I'm prejudice...I know! And you're right...who doesn't love Cali?!