Sunday, September 7, 2008

the tray

If TMI makes you uncomfortable, stop reading now. I've been having some wicked problems, you know, down below. I've been eating yogurt, administering diflucan, iodine, genetian violet, monistat....everything you can imagine. Last night I kept dreaming it was on fire, my friend did this oil pastel called "The Flaming Vag" once. I think that's what sparked the dream. Today it got unbearabley bad and so Spencer and I spent our sabbath hours at the local instacare. The nurse gave me one of those paper napkins to "cover" with, (yeah, right) and then set a pink bed pan full of specula and other things of the sort. On the front, was this:
Yup. You read correctly, kids. "Vag Tray." Spencer and I immediately burst into uncontrollable giggles. Leave it to us to make a vaginal exam even more uncomfortable.

Ps. It's nothing too serious and I'm on the road to sanity. As for why my husband came with me, well, I can't drive, and he's a VERY good husband.


Lori said...

tee hee.

still giggling.

Kari said...

i definitely enjoy TMI posts. keep em up.

JeriLynn said...

Yeah, I had a Yeast Infection for three months thinking it was my episiotomy being stupid. Boy did I feel stupid when it wasn't my episiotomy. LOL!

I'm glad all's okay.

And I never found you clutzy.

Aprons are a good idea for a project. Perhaps I will make them.

I'm looking forward to reading the Twilight series, so don't give anything away on your blog. ;)

Natalie said...

haha...when we'd been married a week -- I got a nasty UTI, and Adam came with me!!

Natalie said...

By the way -- I was going to tell you, I want you to post more about your freezer meals that you make!

Chelsi said...

That nasty UTI was from all the sex, Nat!! ;) I will post more about my freezer meals...stay tuned

Southams said...

hey send me your mailing address. i'm having a baby shower in october!!

Carlee Hoopes said...

Hey Chelsi,
Remember me? And Europe? I miss that. Anyway, I love reading your blog! And this cracks me up. Being checked "down there" sucks, so I'm glad you had something to make light of the situation. Good luck...down there. :)