Wednesday, October 8, 2008

things i totally digg right now

  • neutrogena wave. this is perhaps the best investment i've made for my face. it's so cute and pink, yet so powerful! it really gets in there, ya know? my face feels clean, soft, and refreshed.
  • fall. you already knew that though.
  • mindful women day spa. my mom and i got facials there. omg. sooooooo nice. i could get one every day. and ever since, my skin has been fabulously clear, smooth, and just a hell of a lot nicer.
  • these baby shower invites for my sis. martha aint got NOTHIN' on me....besides unlimited funds and a criminal record.


  • dvr. i will probably never get over how much i love it.
  • our ward. we switched wards...we're lucky to have two options. (college town.) anyway, they rock. they bring meals when i don't feel good, they bring sacrament when i can't get to church, my vt's are awesome, we can call our neighbors for anything; a blessing, a jumpstart, anything. and, they actually want to hang out with us, like in non-church-related instances. we've made a lot of fun friends and our ward is full of just good people.
  • tide total care. smells fab. it seems to be working well.
  • my spec cover for my mac. it matches my phone and protects my computer from scratches. yep, those are my toes.
  • weight watchers. i've lost 6 pounds.
  • Lipstick Jungle. quality drama.
  • Loreal Infallible lip color. it really does last all day. i have a sexy deep berry color. Loreal infinity is also my mascara of choice; i'm VERY picky about my mascara
  • Taylor Swifts song "Love Story." so cute.
  • my job. it's great. love it.
  • fridays. date night.
  • blogging. duh.
  • liquid eyeliner. for stellar cat eyes.
  • double dating. we've been on some really fun ones lately.
  • babies. i want one.
  • arnica, it makes my bruises fade...miracle.
  • coupons. i bought a binder and categorize coupons i clip or print out. then we take it with us to the store. i'm saving us A LOT of money.
  • this apron. thanks, Heidi!!
  • speaking of the above, cooking meals ahead of time.
  • "This is for Keeps" by the Spill Canvas. it makes me wanna pee my pants with Twillight anticipation.
  • my friends are fabulous. i love them.
  • Swiffer Sweep n' Vac. mine broke and i'm totally jonesen' for a new one.
  • Spencer. Always.
  • What Lies Beneath. best scary movie ever.

more to come.


Kari said...

WTFFFFFF you want a baby? You're always like, "Kari don't do it. Gross."

Heidi said...

I love the spa! You look so cute in that apron and you definitely don't look like you need to be doing Weight Watchers!

mommy princess said...

You look like a Stepford wife in that apron pic!! Perfectly Flawless!

Chelsi said...

I love that apron so much Heidi!! You're so talented. As for my appearance, girls, photoshop does amazing things...but your comments really made my day!!! Thank you!!

Kari, check your e-mail.

JeriLynn said...

You look totally hot and gorgeous!! Love all the recommendations. I've been shopping for a new mascara. I love Mary Kay mascara, just not the $15 it costs.

Is it okay to crave movies? I've been craving What Lies Beneath. Is that weird?

I'm totally excited for the Twilight movie, even though I've not even touched any of the books.

BTW, I recently joined Weight Watchers. It's really hard for me to stay within 5 points of my limit, and that's even with extra because I'm nursing. . . eck. Congrats on the lost 6 pounds!


Natalie said...

Love your apron, I want to check out the wave -- I hate scary movies!!