Tuesday, October 21, 2008

weekend update

Ever wonder why my mom never comments on my blog, even with the note addressed to her? This is why.

Oh, mom. She's a cute one.

Moving on, we had the best weekend! First, my carriage won the contest at Micheal's. Woohoo! I won a $25 gift card. We also accomplished all of our errands before 1:00 on Saturday. It involved waking up at 9, which was not ideal...but it was a necessary evil. Then, we went to THE BEST HAUNTED HOUSE EVER!

We went to The Hollow. It's in the Ogden area. I guess in years past it's been lame...but it was the scariest and most fun haunted house I've been to. (And I'm an avid goer.) It's part outside, part inside. They break it up really well and so you feel like you're the only ones wandering the woods by the river. It was genuinely scary...I screamed aloud several times. There was also this part where you wandered through a maze of pitch black or thiiiiiiick smoke for about ten minutes. We couldn't see a thing and we were all laughing so hard we were crying. My gut hurt the next day...you gotta love that. So, on my scale, I give The Hollow a total of 5 pumpkins.

We're going to another one this weekend. (Since our vaycay got canceled and we didn't buy costumes, we're blowing our money on festivities.) Stay tuned!!

Also, our neighbors committed to having the first discussion! We're excited. More on that later!

The only downer was the Sox said goodbye to the World Series....Spence will elaborate later.


Natalie said...

It took my mom forever to figure out how to gchat...and now she can't understand why we don't respond immediately. Then we'll chat her -- and she's left her computer!

I'm glad you had such a good, spooky day!

Mandy said...


Congrats on your pumpkin carriage, it's amazing and i'm totally impressed with your artistic abilities.

I'm glad you had a good time at the Hollow. As far as haunted houses go, you can definitely take my share ;)

I had a question/request... could you maybe email me JeriLynn's Curry Pumpkin Soup recipe? I want to make it for my work potluck but I need to try it out on my family first.

Lots of love!

JeriLynn said...

. . .Why doesn't she just ask me, eh?

Hi Chelsi! I had a dream the other night (after reading your post on favorite things, etc.) that you semi-begrudgingly let me use some of your super fancy makeup. It was like this massive tube of bronze sparkles that miraculously got rid of the dark circles under my eyes. Hehehe.

BTW, have you tried adding my blog to your reader again? I think I've seen my blog on some people's lists, but I've also heard that you can't add a private blog. :(


p.s. I LOVE haunted houses, too.

Erin said...

hey at least your mom has her own email account. i'm still trying to get julie to take the leap into the 21st century. man, i wish i could do the hollow this year. i love that crap.

mommy princess said...

Thanks for all your puppy parenting advice! Congrats on winning the prize for your carriage! That was fabulous by the way!