Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Design on a Dime

So, I found this table scape in my mil's pottery barn catalog. I really liked it, so I decided to mimic it for cheaper.

Pottery Barn's:
Hydrangeas- 3 @$10.00 ($30)
Tree Candles-3 @ $9.00, 2 @ $29.00 ($85)
Candle Holders- 2 @ $29.00 ($58)
Vases- 4 @ $39.00, 2 @ $89.00 ($334)
Candles- 2 @ $29.00 ($58)
Branches-2 @ $24.00 ($48)
Pine Cones- 2 @ $8.00 ($16)
Icicles- 2 @ $8.00 ($16)

Grand Total:

Snow: huuuuuuuge bag, $4.00 at Walmart
Chargers: Set of 4, $6.00 at Walmart
Dishes: Already had. It's my "wedding china." $0
Monogrammed Silverware: Already had, wedding gift from Grandma Pat...Thanks Gramma! $0
Napkins: Already had, wedding gift $0 (Check clearance at Bed Bath and Beyond, or similar stores)
Reindeer: $4.00 at Walmart
Mirrored Tree: $5.00 at Micheal's with 1/2 off coupon
Frosted Branches: $4.00 for a huge pack at Micheal's
Icicles: 24 pack for $3.00 at Walmart
Snow Flakes: 3 pack for $1.99 at Smith's Marketplace
Metallic Candles: 2 pack for 1.99 at Micheal's
Candle holders: Already had $0 (Check dollar stores)
Pine Cones: $3.00 at Walmart
Oil burner: Already had, $0 ($10.00 at Pier One last year)
Vase: Already had, $0 (set of 6 is $6.99 at Ikea)

Grand Total: $32.98


Erin said...

beautiful. and righteous!

Natalie said...

Impressive!! I'm so impressed!!

Mandy said...

Yay Chelsi! That's so pretty!

BTW, I was at the mall in Logan with my sister and I remembered to give the stinkeye to all the Leyda's Boutique signs i saw. Yours were much better. :P to her.

JeriLynn said...

Can you say GIFTED! It's beautiful. I wish I had a talent for that.

Heidi said...

Very very impressive! In your face pottery barn! I don't know you at all but you seem like such a wonderful person! Tell Spencer hello from me (Heidi Larsen Wise) and tell him I said, "Go Yankees!"

Goldies said...

and you nick named me Martha...

Julie and KC said...

Beautiful as usual!

mommy princess said...

I love doing that exact same thing. I love how you posted it. Your table looks fab! I'll have to take a picture of my snowflake chandelier. Did you read my comment after Ms. Anonymous? It's a treat!