Sunday, November 16, 2008


Before I continue, I'd like to thank all of my blog stalkers who've recently made themselves known: Anne, Becky, Meghan, and Sheri. You made my day(s) with your comments. The rest of you, reveal yourselves already!

1. I am terrified of cats. See this post.
2. I'm a clean freak. I get really stressed when the house is messy. My old roomies called me The Kitchen Nazi, because I'd leave signs everywhere, like on the microwave that said: "Cover up your damned food or I will make you lick this microwave clean! -KN" It was all in good humor since we were all BFF's.
3. Speaking of clean...I've never gone to bed without washing my face...EVER. Even when I'm incapacitated, like unconscious or something, I've made both my mom and Spencer take a vow to ALWAYS wash my face. Thanks, guys. There have been times when I've fallen asleep with my makeup on and awoken in a panic at 4:30 am and washed my face.
4. I knocked my two front teeth out walking up 8th East on the first day of school my sophomore year of college.
5. I, like Kari, never like to borrow books, because I, too, want a HUGE library with a sliding ladder. Maybe it's because we're both Tech Writing majors? (English majors.)
5b. If that doesn't count, I've accidentally assasinated 3 frogs by flash photography.
6. I hate going to bed. I haaaaaaaate it. I always have; ask my parents. But, on the other hand, I hate getting out of bed.
7. I reeeaaally want, for closure's sake, to be friends with all of my exes. Only one cooperates. Thanks, Ian. You're a champ.

I tag: Elsie, Jerilyn, Natalie, Tati, Julie, Carlee, and Katie

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