Tuesday, December 9, 2008


I am proud to say that I, am an aggie. Yes, a true Aggie, thanks to my hubs. I too, graduated debt free, and had a total of 12 scholarships during my college career. I've also been down Old Main, but only on a sled. I have, however, been hiking and had many a bonfire and camping trip. I've also been skinny dipping in First Dam, and rode the Bull, across from my college apartment.

I love USU. I had so much fun that when I graduated I kinda had a mini-meltdown till they offered me a job. Now I'm back and get to enjoy the BEAUTIFUL campus every day again....but I do wish I had a window...perhaps I should go outside more. Anyway, I love the atmosphere. I love the events, the people, the professors, the opportunity.

I love Logan. I wish we could live here forever...but the hubs says it's probably not in the cards. We'll see. Anyway, check out this video. And ps. I know the hot kid with the iphone, he's reason enough to apply.



JeriLynn said...

Oh Chelsi, that made me homesick! *sigh* I loved USU. I'm proud to be an Aggie. (Though Jay and I never were True Aggies.) I never went down Old Main (I'm a chicken), but Jay and I did nap there once right after we got engaged.

Vanessa finally emailed me! She's apparently in SLC for a while. You should contact her. She said she wanted a reunion. Too bad I wouldn't be able to come.

I finally got rid of my Pyzam background. The Cutest Blog on the Block doesn't delete your widgets when you upload a new background. Yay!

Oh, by the way, I can't send that video to any friends. All my friends are Aggie alumni! Okay, that's not true, but it's pretty close!


Kari said...

I have always been annoyed with "I could care less" too! Do they not understand that they're saying they care?! You should post it...I don't want to be the one always lecturing. :)

Gale said...

Thanks for your cute commnet on my blog. Having 4 girls can be lots of drama, tears and long talks but it is also lots of fun and I feel lucky to be their mom. I loved your anniversary video, I hope you stay as much in love as my husband and I are after 17 years. Wow we are getting old!!

Blake and Jenn said...
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Blake and Jenn said...

Trust me. I am NOT a traitor. I actually wear my Aggie sweathshirt for every U game and get razzed for it. I think they were playing Weber that night...I will always be a True Aggie, that will never change. AGGIE FOR LIFE!!