Tuesday, December 2, 2008

as seen on TV

I inherited many great things from my Daddy...his sweet tooth, his sarcastic sense of humor...but most of all...his weakness for infomercials. We looooove infomercials and are very susceptible to their lure. Once, while Mom and I were trapsing around Europe for a month for a "study" abroad, we came home to find Dad had purchased a set of knives....a set of 500 knives. Yup, 500. We're talkin' everything from pocket knives, to steak knives, to machetties. If you're ever looking for a knife...ask me first before buying anything. Several are in boxes still...mint condition.

Anyway, my informercial weaknesses tend to gravitate towards kitchen and home appliances. Below are some of my favorite products.

Pancake Puff Kit
I have yet to buy this....but oooh what confections I could create!

Ez Carry
I'm thinking this would be a great stocking stuffer for Spencer. He refuses to make more than one trip when carrying in groceries.

We bought this when we first got married. Loved it! Unfortunately it dropped off the fridge and broke.....we should get another one...

Lighted Party Fountain
This is my favorite thing ever. I love this thing!! It comes out at EVERY party.

H20 Mop
Being the clean freak that I am...I want this so badly I could pee my pants.

Coolest. Thing. Ever. Do I garden? No. But I betcha I would if it was on my counter...AND, no dirt! Hello!! I want one when I have a bigger kitchen so I can grow my own herbs.

GT Xpress
So, the reviews on this are not good....but I still secretly want one. I'm going to try and excersize some restraint though.

Magic Bullet
My brother and sister got this for us one Christmas. My brother, Brock, shares my cullinary passion. I was so excited I think I slobbered all over myself. I still use this thing almost every day. The infomercial is my fave...it's ridiculously hilarious. Now, the Magic Bullet does not do all it says it does...exactly...but almost.

These are fab! We bought these for my plant-savy Mother-in-law and she loved them so much she ordered like 10 more.


We bought this recently for Belle. She's not a huge fan, but it's less scary than nail clippers.

Save a Blade
We want one of these but we're a little leary because we don't know if it works.

Ped Egg
I have to have Spencer do mine...I can't do it fast enough. Still, good purchase.


Natalie said...

My parents just bought the pedipaws -- but they got it at the As Seen on TV store! I can't believe you have the lighted party fountain - that's hilarious. Though we were outlet shopping this weekend and my mom got me a $15 crystal punch bowl. Just on a whim. Why not.

Kari said...

I really want a ped egg. You recommend it then? I have the magic bullet and barely use it. but if i ever watch the infomercial, i get sold all over again. it doesn't work that well though cause my brother didn't know how to use it and didn't use common sense and put daquiri mix/liquid in the top part, didn't put a blade on it, and just dumped it right on the lower part. so now one of the plastic things that needs to be pushed down to start it doesn't move. You have to push it crazy hard and then it's stuck down, and you have to plug it in/unplug it to start and stop it. great.

Anonymous said...

I love this blog and like you I am addicted to infomercial products. I have many in my house. I have the h20 steam mop you mention above and it is great. I have a white kitchen floor, don't know what I was thinking, but anyways this really works well on that. We just got two puppies and my next as seen on tv product will be the pedipaws. I got mighty putty for my husband and he has fixed many things around the house with it. I have also been thinking about buying the snuggie. The snuggie is a blanket with sleeves. Great for these cold months ahead of us. A place on the web I find some of the most popular tv products is www.asontvinfomercials.com

Fisher said...

I love knives.

I don't have any of those things, but I drool for the pancake puffs thing. What fun would that be?! Filling them with berries or. . .whole fat sugary cream. Yummy.

I think it's sweet Spencer has to saw your feet off (with the Ped Egg). My brother recently recommended shaving the calluses of my feet. With a shaving razor. What an idea, eh?

Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving.

Jason and Kristen said...

you two are hilarious :) Jason and I watch these and laugh -- I totally want that hand carrying thing! I dont make one trip anywhere and since I do the grocery shopping that thing would be the bomb! :) LMAO. Have you seen the informercial for the saran wrap lids? (the ones that you push down in to keep things fresh and they fit EVERYTHING) I'm not sure what they are called but I had a friend that bought them and they are amazing so if you ever decide you want those at least you know they work! :) Hope you are feeling much better!

Jason and Kristen said...
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Jason and Kristen said...
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Aerogarden Kit said...

nice reviews. I love these reviews.

d doggs said...

I have a comment on the as seen on tv pancake puffs. PANCAKE PUFFS MY ASS!! And mama Denise would concur. That pan, is in fact, an aebleskiver pan. It originated in the Netherlands. Making aebleskiver's has been a family tradition to be eaten on Christmas morning in my mom's family for at least 3-4 generations (being that we are dutch'ish). Just wanted to set the record straight. "Pancake Puffs" ... whatEVER!!