Thursday, December 4, 2008

asker's remorse?

Mom, don't read this.

I'm on an HGTV kick again. If I can't have a baby, give me a freaking house!!!

So....Last Christmas, this was our present:
It's still in the bag because we didn't get the house. (Blessing in disguise; it had water issues.) Anyway, I'm keeping it in the bag because I want to wait till I can create my Bedroom at Tiffany's in all its glory...with paint, furniture, and accessories.

But I really looooooove this bedroom:

Especially with these fab wall graphics (in black):

But it doesn't really jive with my bedding set, does it? But EVERYONE is doing chocolate and Tiffany Blue....and gosh damnit I'm a trend SETTER not a follower!!! Ugh. What to do...what to do?! I tend to gravitate towards more antiquish things....things that would go with the bedding. Would I get sick of the modern look? Should I stick with a classic look? Would it, in fact, be classic? Could the bedding work with the modern look? Thoughts, please? Baby, what do you think? On second thought....I think I'll call the Holly and ask her thoughts. She's a stellar decorator.

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mommy princess said...

I love that bed set!! You lucky girl! I've been married almost 7 years and I do have a house and I still don't have a stylish bed. It's probably better that I've had to wait because it's given me time to decide what I really want. I think you should go with traditional furniture with a modern feel. You know kind of Pottery barnish. I'm not a huge fan of when everything in the room is really matchy matchy. Not in colors but in furniture styles. Remember it doesn't have to match just go. I think you could even pull off a little holly wood glam in that room too. And the nice thing about the colors being brown and blue you can use different kinds of wood and textures to give it a masculine feel for Spencer. You're an amazing artist so I'm sure whatever you come up with will be beautiful.