Monday, December 15, 2008

the Lord giveth and He taketh away

Good news: I have a new niece. Name and pictures pending.

Bad news: My parents had to put my dog down last week. It was the day before my mom's birthday. December 8th. My dog would've been 8 years old on December 26th. :( We put our last dog down the day after my 17th birthday. Forty-nine and 17 suck, eh, mom?

Anyway, she got sick after her pancreas started failing this summer. Our previous dog, Chance, got diabetes and we kept him around till he was blind, skin and bones, couldn't keep food down, couldn't control his bowels, and we had to give him insulin shots. Why? We couldn't bear to loose him. After that horrible experience, my parents vowed to never do that to a dog again. So, when Gracie started going way down hill after Thanksgiving, my mom called me the next weekend to come and tell her goodbye.

I didn't have as much of a bond with her as I did Chance, but it was still rough. I cried all night Sunday and Monday nights. We got Grace when I was 18, and I moved to Logan. My mom and I picked her out because she was the prettiest puppy we'd ever seen. She wasn't even cute she was so pretty. She had lovely markings and freakishly long eyelashes...yes, eyelashes. Unfortunately, I don't have any puppy pics. Mom and dad have them and no scanner. Take my word for it. Anyway, my brother was PISSED cause he wanted a boy dog again. He pouted the entire four-hour ride home from BFE, Idaho. The next day though, he faked sick and stayed home from school to play with her. Unfortunately, after napping with her, (my parents have the CUTEST picture of that...I'll have to steal it) he broke out in hives. So, he gave her SIX baths. Six. He would NOT take her back. Luckily, the hives were only because her breeders had cats as well. He's allergic.

So, Gracie stayed in the fam. She was very protective and looooooved food; not dog food though, people food, especially licorice. She'd even growl and bark at you until you shared your dinner with her! It was ridic. ;) So, she kinda developed what doctors call, "a little bit of a weight problem." "More to love," Mom and Dad said.

She was definitely part of the family. She loved my Dad the most. They were inseparable. Even though I went off to college, she was always a good dog to me and was excited to see me when I went home. I did miss out on a lot though. My freshmen year, I was on the phone with my mom, and all of the sudden, she screamed/laughed, and all I could hear was my brother and my mom laughing hysterically. My mom was laughing so hard she couldn't breathe, let alone talk, so she just hung up on me. She called me back a few minutes later and breathlessly said, "Oh my gosh!! Your dad is sound asleep and Gracie just started humping the back of his head! I almost peed my pants!" So sad I missed that.... For another funny Gracie story, read the Mission Impossible part of this post.

When we got Bella, Gracie was NOT happy, and kinda never forgave me. She liked Spencer, though, and I found her snubs pretty entertaining. ;) She hadn't given me loves for a year and a half, but I forced her to submit to me loving on her to say goodbye. Belle LOVED her and she will miss her so much. Last time we went to my parent's house she wouldn't quit looking for her.

I miss her too. But, at least I know she's probably playing/fighting with Chance (they were so different) and I'll see them again someday. We love you Grace...I hope you feel better and are eating all you can eat! I miss you, but I'll see you soon.


Heidi said...

I'm so sorry! :( It would kill me to lose my dog.

Julie and KC said...

Oh Chels! I'm sorry!! I will miss Gracie.

Mandy said...

I'm so sorry!

I completely understand your pain and can totally sympathize. We just had to put down Koco, our miracle cat. She would have been 19 next April and lived almost exactly 3 years past the date when the doctor told us her kidneys were failing and she wouldn't last long.

I think the best thing to do is just remember that they're better off and this is the last loving thing we can do for them.

Much Love!