Saturday, January 3, 2009

christmas wrap up

So apparently, I never published this. I spent a lot of time writing it though, so, it will be published.

And now, for the holiday synopsis. The holidays were joyful, indeed. We spent the first half of Christmas Eve at my parents' house with my grandparents and little brother there as well. That evening, we went over to my mother-in-law's house and opened all of the presents that were not from Santa.

It gets more exciting every year to get stuff for my nieces and watch them open it. Spencer really had to keep a lid on Aunt Chels's spending habits...I can get a little out of control when it comes to my girls. Anyway, Mckahl said that the cash register/scanner combo we got her was the EXACT one she'd been eyeing, and she really enjoyed the grocery baskets and fake food items too. I'm excited to play store with her loot. When Payton opened her baby doll, she exclaimed, "I WANTED THIS BABY MY WHOLE LIFE!!" It was hillarious. She was by far the funniest to watch. She also got a giant stuffed unicorn from Grammy and screamed, "I GOT A POOOOOONYYYYYY!!! IT'S A PONY!! I GOT A POOOONY!!!" I bought Miley a great Cinderella costume and accessories because for some reason she calls me her fairy godmother. When she opened it she gasped and said, "Oh it's bea-u-ti-ful!" after which, we immediately took off her jamies and put it on, then twirled....a lot. (And sang, "So This is Love.") Kate seemed to enjoy her teddy bear, but she's still very sleepy most of the time. ;)

Giving them their presents was for sure the highlight of our Christmas. Other highlights included getting a carpet cleaner from Jill and Mark, money to put towards replacing our ancient mattress (which I will then light on fire) from my parents, and, drumroll, please...
A PANCAKE PUFF PAN from none other than Brock and Faye. Brock shares my culinary passion. I was/am so excited. We've already made Pizza Puffs, Cheese Puffs, Cream-filled Puffs, and Blueberry Muffin Puffs. All were deeeeeelish. And I may or may not have bought like 10 different mixes to try out in the pan.

After Jill's, we went to our pet-friendly hotel. It was super fun cause our room looked just like our Holiday Inn room by Disneyland on our honeymoon. Awww, memories. Anyway, Spencer got some Star Wars collector action figures, and I got this lovely Sleeping Beauty doll, whose dress changes color depending on which fairy you put in her hand!!! (Fauna makes it purple; always the peace-maker.)

Spence also went like quadruple our limit and got me a new cell phone and us tickets to see the Nutcracker! I hadn't seen it since I was little and it was just as magical. I did miss my Grandma though, since she was the one who usually took my mom and I. Next year, Spence and I will have to take my Grams.

Staying at a hotel was great, except for one thing. Belle only barks when she's in bed with me and can hear someone at the door. She's protective. Well we were on ground level at the hotel, and after going to bed at 5 am, we woke to her barking incessantly at 7 am at every noise she heard. Christmas morning after getting ready and checking out, we headed over for breakfast at Jill's, where it looked like Toys R Us threw up!! Then we headed over to my Grandma's for a Christmas feast unlike any other. She was really sad because the rest of the family got snowed in. :( Poor Grams, she kept saying it didn't feel like Christmas, but I think every day is a holiday at her house!!

The day after Christmas the celebration continued at Brock and Faye's with my cute Father-in-law. He spoiled us rotten and got us two Jazz game tickets, good seats, not like the kind I can afford, and two tickets to Madame Butterfly, also seats I can't afford! I've never seen it before and I'm super excited. He also got us two fun games and me the cutest stack of pet-related scrapbook paper for his granddog. That night it snowed so hard we all got snowed in at Brock and Faye's and had a big family sleepover. The next morning after playing with the girls on their new scooters, which I totally want, Spence and I decided to get in the shower. He has to shower with me for safety reasons, and boy was it a good thing he did! Brock and Faye have a new house and the bathroom we used hadn't been showered in before, so the floor was a little slippery. Spence went down and was about to fall out of the shower, so I went to catch him and fell myself. I hit my funny bone so hard that I fainted!!! One minute I was laughing and the next I was saying, "Woaahh....I think I'm gonna..." Spencer was really worried; he's never seen me faint before, but I'm a pretty frequent fainter. Luckily, nothing happened and we were able to continue on without further injury. Miley did lend me her princess ice packs though...thanks, Mi! They really did help. The next night we bunked with Summer and Micah, and after a day of Barbies and napping, attended The Nutcracker. Miley made me twirl in my dress for her and told me to have fun with my prince. ;) The next day we had Sunday dinner at Brock and Faye's...always delish! Then, we went home. Whew!

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