Friday, January 2, 2009


Recently, I have been [lovingly] accused of faking marital bliss on this blog. Whaaaaaaaaaatev. Here's the truth: I don't fake. Anything. Yeah, we have our issues. Actually, our life is pretty damn hard. (I had a seizure on the 30th, fyi.) However, instead of focusing on the negative and blogging about it, I focus on the positive and blog about that instead. When I got married my mom gave me some great advice: "Honey, you'll find that when women get together, a lot of them like to rag on their husbands. Don't do it. Don't rag on him to anyone, especially me. Those who love you won't ever forget the bad stuff and they aren't around for the good stuff. Don't do it."

Thanks, mom! Great advice. Probably the best advice I got. I try really hard to follow it, especially when it's available for millions of people to read. No, I'm not at all, and neither is Spencer...but he's perfect for me. And we work really hard at being the best for each other, and making the other person feel loved. That's real. Love you, Babe.


JeriLynn said...

The pictures below are lovely!

I never doubt your bliss, I envy/emulate it!

Sorry about the siezure. I hope you feel better.

I'm glad your mom said that to you. My mom said, "JeriLynn, you'd better tell me your problems so I know what to expect." Ha! Your mom's advice is much better, and it's what I try to live by. I think I'll copy and paste it and put it somewhere!


Jason and Kristen said...

Chelsi - Hope you are feeling better :) Isn't it funny how we all play that roll of never letting anyone else see the true colors even though we all know its there?

I've never figured out why people paint marriage as this blissful event. How can it be so blissful when your taking two people with their own minds into a house of their own, together? :) They are always bound to a argue about something, right?

Your moms advice to you is probably one of the best things I've heard. I've tried my hardest with Jason's PTSD to not nag on him or tell people the real challenge I have faced. I love him I think thats just what keeps us going! :)

I hope your starting to feel better. Have a wonderful weekend. (Tell spencer hi!) lol.. bye!

Spencer said...

Oh Angel don't be bashful...We're both perfect!

mommy princess said...

Amen Sister!! Your mom's amazing.
Even when Stan makes me mad it never lasts long because I know we were ment to be together. Sure if you really try anyone can make a marriage work or muddle through it, but Stan makes me a better person. I'm not perfect and he's not perfect, but we love each other and that's what counts. I've never thought you and spence were in denial of real life. I've always admired how you've taken what life has given you and done the best you could with it. Keep doing what your doing. It's worked so far! xoxo