Tuesday, January 6, 2009

that pole may come in handy....

Utah State University is facing a possible budget cut of $30 million and job losses of more than 660 positions when the Legislature meets starting later this month.

USU President Stan Albrecht said Monday cuts of that size -- or even smaller -- could force the university to declare a major financial crisis for the first time in the school's history.

The Legislature will consider two proposals. The first, proposed by the Legislature itself, would involve a 19 percent budget cut for all of Utah's public higher education institutions. Under that plan USU would lose $30 million and cut its work force by 663 positions over six months.

The other proposal, created by Gov. Jon Huntsman, would mean budget cuts of 11 percent, or $17 million, and 373 job cuts over two-and-a-half years.




JeriLynn said...

That doesn't sound good! Yikes. I worry about you and hope that you'll still have good insurance.

I saw this on a friend's site:
It's called Validation. I thought of you when I watched it. It's a little long but worth every second. And you'll probably cry. In a good way!


Kate Gildea said...

I feel ya....ha ha ha...

Heather said...

Hey Chels! It's Heather-I found this today and it is so fun to read about what you are doing. I hope things are going better. E-mail so I have you address and I will invite you to my blog. hrands123@msn.com

Erin said...

oh dear. that sounds ugly. hang in there... i'll encourage shelby to choose usu, so hopefully that will help a little.