Thursday, January 22, 2009

who wore it why, inaugural edition

One of the shows on my DVR is "The Dish." A spinoff of "The Soup." Two reasons I watch it...
  1. Topanga hosts it.
  2. The "Who Wore it Why?" segment
So, for 2009, I thought I'd start my own weekly, "Who wore it, why?" post. I am, after all, a fashionista.

Ok, so apparently I am the ONLY one in the world who hates Michelle's dress and think she has the most horrible weave ever.

But back to her looks like she has cotton balls glued to it and the shape is so unflattering...very toga-ish. I think after a certain age, you should wear sleeves....she's almost there, but Jill Biden definately is. Luckily she has very toned we'll let her slide. Sorry, distracted again. Back to Michelle. Her earrings don't work with that neckline. And what the hell is with the bangle bracelets? Two words, Michelle: Harry Winston. Oops, one more word: updo!

It's pretty bad when I like HILLARY'S gown better....

However, my fave inaugural gown is Maime Eisenhower's.



Mandy said...

I totally agree about the cotton ball/toga aspects of Michelle's dress.

All in all, i think she does a good job looking appropriate for the situation at hand, but her choices on Tuesday were less than flattering. The coat she wore to the swearing-in was super cute, but the dress bunched around her hips when she walked making her look like she had a stomach pooch.

And Mamie's dress is adorable. I want it!

Heidi said...

You are so funny! I like you! Tell Spencer hi from "Heidi Larsen" (maiden name ) :)

mommy princess said...

I completly agree. It's almost like a prom dress choice gone bad. She should worry more about flattering her body then looking so different that you just look stupid. She definitely should have pulled her hair up. Maime's dress is so classy.
We should go to a fancy resturant or on a cruise someday and buy amazing dresses and go completly overboard for the formal night dinner. We could Make our husbands wear tuxes and everything. I think Stan would do it if I promised him amazinly, crazy, fabulous action at the end of the evening. lol

Chelsi said...

We should!! We want to go when I turn 30, you should come with us hehe!

And what wouldn't a man do for some action? Especially with you! ;)

JeriLynn said...

Kay, I'm glad you're not getting on the Worship-Michelle-as-Jaqueline-Kennedy-re-embodied bandwagon. (Does that even make sense?) Actually, I liked her dress in the sense that I love all formal gowns, but I think your critque of it is dead on. It's too young for her. And Hillary's gown is as cool as Liesl's step haircut from the same era. ;)


Erin said...

amen sister: cotton balls, neckline, shape... it was just, meh. but for the record, i did like the green one. i'm just so sick of every news agency reporting on how fabulous she looked. hell sakes, don't we have an economy that needs fixin?

Rich's said...

Chelsi....I am so glad that I have found your blog!!!! It looks like you are doing awesome and have done amazing things. I am going to add you to my friends list....hope you don't mind. Kelse (Cragun) Rich

Mandy said...

Hey Chelsi,

A totally unrelated comment for you:

Do you know what happened to our Room 101 blog?