Sunday, January 18, 2009

you know you're tough when...

Your husband picks up yet another prescription and your pharmacist asks, "Is she having an extra rough week? Tell her to hang in there."

But, you know you're blessed when...
  • your pharmacist actually cares...
  • your husband can give you a blessing during a seizure
  • you get a bajillion get well texts and phone calls after your husband sends out a mass text
  • your dad is at the hospital and making you laugh in 20 minutes
  • your husband asks a girl where she got her dress....just for you, then offers to go grab one for you
  • your husband generally does all talking for you for the next week since you ate your tongue
  • there is a get well pizza waiting for you from your sister when you get home
  • your dad traipses all over town running errands for you so your husband doesn't have to leave you
  • you and your husband's places of business say, "Don't worry about it! Feel better."
  • your doctor doesn't make you come in again and just writes you prescriptions to help with your new ailments
  • your sister packs up her whole family and her husband drives clear up to Logan with sore eyes just to cheer you up
  • your niece admires your wedding pics and says you look like Cinderelly
  • she also says you look like a princess right then, because your hair is in a braid, and she really thinks you're beautiful even though you know you look like hell
  • you can hold your new niece and listen to her baby noises
  • a 2-year-old makes your whole week
  • one of your best friends makes a get-well video of her and her kids cause she's so far away
  • two of your best friends come up to see you and totally cheer you up, and make you feel very loved
  • you have my best friends
  • your husband takes stellar care of you, even though he's got a bad cold
  • your mother-in-law sends you flowers that remind you of your wedding
  • your mom comes up to clean your house and babysit you, and then to take you to a movie....and does your hair and makeup and gives you a bath
  • your puppy won't leave your side cause she's worried about you
  • your neighbor makes you a yummy dinner and brings chocolate with it
  • your father-in-law takes you to dinner and comes up for a sleep over
  • you don't have a complete meltdown when you have an allergic reaction...on top of EVERYTHING else
  • your lips temporarily look like angelina jolie's


Heidi said...

Wow, you sound like you have had it rough lately! I hope you get feeling better soon, but I'm glad you have so many great people around you to help and make you feel better!

JeriLynn said...

Oh, wow, that's a long list of things people who love you do for you! You are a special girl! I have a question: did all that actually happen in one week?! Wow!

No really, I was worried about you! I hope you are doing alright. You're so lucky. Not only do you look like Marilyn Monroe, but you have Angelina's lips, too. That's almost too hot for Hollywood! ;)

You're still in my prayers!


Kari said...

What do you mean, am I ok? I'm fine, but how are YOU doing?? It seems like you've had a rough last several months. I'm sorry.