Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm sorry, Universe

Dear Universe,
I want to apologize for my rant the other day. It's been a hormonal week, if you know what I mean, but that's no excuse. I feel better today and I realized that I had neglected to recognize the blessings I'd been given lately. Like...

  • When we got locked out of our apartment I said a prayer and Spencer was able to pick the lock and we got in.
  • My phone, after a 24-hour timeout, has stopped inputting 444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444 nonstop, and is now working normally. Furthermore, it was displaying 4's and not 6's
  • I don't have a human baby, but I have Belle, and she is the sweetest thing on the planet and I love her so much. She eases my heartache. It's also a blessing we don't have a baby to feed and diapers to buy; it would make the situation much more stressful. The baby that is meant for us will come to us when it is the right time. Now is not that time. Ps. Excuse my looks in this next pic. It was immediately after the hospital.
  • I have four fabulous and adorable nieces who made my week when two of them made me these cards:
  • and one of them FREAKED out when she saw me, giving me the longest hug ever and screaming, "Aunt Chelsi! Mommy, it's Aunt Chelsi! Everybody! Aunt Chelsi is here!! I missed her so much!" And when I left she held me and said, "I hope you feel better soon. I pray for you every night and I love you very very much." She's TWO! And amazing. (The fourth niece is only two months old, so she pretty much just sleeps, but I love her just as much!) ;)
  • I'm feeling so much better than I did after the last seizure
  • I knew my nurse at McKay Dee; he was a friend from college, so he took very good care of me
  • I had my last seizure when my mom, dad, brother, and husby were all there
  • I got to use my mom's jetted tub every night for a week
  • I'm married to the most amazing man ever
  • My friend's are amazing. Shani sent me a journal and pink mini office set for my purse. Jaclyn came to visit me again. Everyone called me. My friend Jerilyn sent me this most fabulous purse that her daughter picked out. She is a girl after my own heart.
  • My pharmacist gave me a card and burned me a copy of a CD that helped his wife. Who's pharmacist cares that much?! Mine.
  • I have a wonderful job and they are mucho understando about my health sitch.
  • Spencer graduates in two months!!

So, again, I'm sorry for the overreaction. As for you, Angie....well, I'm sure you're an ok mom...ok no I'm not. You did wear vials of blood around your neck.


Erin said...

chelsi, i hope you have a fabulous valentine's day and that you are feeling well. i saw the cake for jenna -- you are the shiznit... incredible!!!

JeriLynn said...

LOL! I had to think for a second about that last comment you wrote. My first thought was, "What kind of a person wears vials of blood around their neck?!" Then I realized which Angie you were talking about. Hahaha!

Your pharmacist sounds very nice. I'm glad you love the purse! It was meant for you!!