Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines Day on a Budget--Success

Our 4th V-day was very successful. He gave me a game of "Our Life" which he spent hours making. It's so cute. I'll have to take a pic and post it. I also got these beautiful flowers.

Our branch activity planner, and one of my dear friends, Christy Layne, put on a beautiful Valentines Day dance. It was complete with an excellent dinner, a chocolate fountain, and the best part, dance instruction. I had sooooo much fun doing the Cha-Cha with Spencer. He is an EXCELLENT dancer. (Much better than everyone in my country dancing class I signed up for, in order to meet men, the semester before we started dating. Yeah, I was engaged and was forced to dance with other men. It was pretty funny. They didn't think so, though...)

Anyway, we came home and had excellent cheese and chocolate fondue and practiced our cha-cha-ing, and even watched Dirty Dancing. That is such a good movie! We watched it because during the dance instruction, Spence kept steping on the 1 count instead of the 2 count, and I said, "It's the two count. Wait for the two; don't step on the one, wait for the two." And he had to tell me that he wasn't having fun anymore--I was getting too serious. I was totally being a ballerina tyrant!! I felt really bad. Anyway, it totally reminded me of the part on Dirty Dancing where Johnny yells at Baby just like that! "Wait for the two!!" Sorry, sweetie!! I get a little nutty when it comes to dancing.

Then we helped out in the nursery tending kids for a while because the Young Women who volunteered to babysit all night totally flaked out and didn't show up! All of the parents took half hour shifts and we wanted a turn. The kids LOVED Spence and he spent the entire half hour on his knees playing horsie with at least two girls on his back!! He came home with two HUMONGOUS blisters on his knees. I felt so bad for him, but he was so cute!! He's gonna be the best daddy.

I can't believe our first Valentines Day was four years ago. For a recap of years past, read this.

I love you soooooooooo much, darling. I love our life. I know that with you by my side, we can conquer everything...and have the most fun doing it too. You make my heart feel like it's going to burst. And like I said that're the only one who's had my ENTIRE heart in a long time, and you will have it forever and ever and ever and ever. Love you....always. xo


Lori said...

happy valentines! glad you two have each other too!

JeriLynn said...

Cute! I admire you for volunteering to watch kids. I avoid that at all costs! ;)

JeriLynn said...

Cute! I admire you for volunteering to watch kids. I avoid that at all costs! ;)

JeriLynn said...

uh, oops =S

mommy princess said...

So much fun! Thanks for the comment on my blog it really did make me feel better. If Chels loves me everythings going to be OK. BTW Stan came home this afternoon. Boy did it feel good to hug him. The boys havn't left his side for 2 seconds. I can't wait until bedtime so I can get him all to myself;)

Goldies said...

Well, as for Pippy that came from the glorious brades one day, but Tom... I have no clue actually. hmmm? I was actually thinking about you this evening because we were at dinner with the goldies and no one had eaten at El Matador. Hello!! It brought back yummy memories. And secondly, I figure you might be the only one who would appreciate my extensive research in this fine subject... Three websites:


Kari said...

Whatchu talkin, bout, Crazy? I've been pretty good with posting ever since I mostly stopped there for a while! I guess I also haven't had too much to talk about! I'll try harder. :) Just for you, of course.

JeriLynn said...

HEY! I don't like it when you go this long without posting. It means you're in trouble! I hope you're okay. Love ya!