Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Recently, my sister said that she and Miley watched Enchanted for the first time. Summer said it occurred to her that if Miley were to suddenly become an adult, that's exactly how she would act. She said, "I have a Disney character for a daughter!" I feel partially to blame, or thank. Sometimes I act like that too and I'm 25. And I definately encourage Disney-like behavior. The world would be so much better animated! When I was little, I wanted so badly to grow up to look just like this:

My first painting was of this woman:

Weird, for a five year old, I know, but she has sex appeal. What can I say? I admired her.

And, to top it off...I had a MAJOR crush on this man:



Julie and KC said...

Remember when we wanted to go work at Disneyland? Those were the days.

JeriLynn said...

Ah, fun! I loved Enchanted. Sometimes Jay and I actually duet together, making up songs about our life. I'm a lot better at it than he is. The other day I sang a song trying to convince him we should build a chicken coupe. It was fun!

Oh, and doesn't it tick you off the new japanimation Aurora?! They took away all her classic looks and beauty and made her look like the rest of 'em! I hate hate hate it!!!!!

My daughter takes after you, by the way. She has her own lipglosses. She will hold one up and say, "Sixteen years! Sixteen years!" (Referring of course to Sleeping Beauty.) Then, when she puts it on, she says, "What a wonderful dream come true!"

Happy birthday! I'm glad you have such nice in laws!

Love ya!