Monday, March 16, 2009

Pillow Talk II

I woke up last night at about 4:00 am to a tiny bit of commotion that Chels was making... Just a little bit of rumbling. But it's safe to say she's been feeling less than stellar lately so I woke up and had this conversation with her.

(notice how She is spooning Belle, and Belle is Spooning Mr. Tot!...
That's how we sleep. I spoon Chelsi, Chelsi spoons Belle and Belle spoons Mr.

Spencer: "Hey babe you okay? do you want to switch?
Chelsi: “My infumnas s so werayyrd.” (Must be Gibberish)
Spencer: “What babe?”
Chelsi (mumbling): "My in-laws are so weird."
Spencer: "huh?"
Chelsi (after waking up a bit more, still mumbling though): "Uh... uh.. nothing... I'm not making any sense."
Spencer: "Are you okay?"
Chelsi: "Um... I'm not feeling very well... My head hurts."
Spencer: "Okay do you want me to get you some IB Profen?"
Chelsi: "Uh... No I'm kinda nauseous."
Spencer: "Do you want a Zofran? (anti-nausea pill)
Chelsi: "No...I'm just going to go back to slee...zzz....zzz"
Spencer: "Okay go back to sleep Angel."

See... two can play at this crazy sleep game.


Chelsi said...

LMAO!!! You know I don't really think that...right? I was probably dreaming about YOUR in-laws!

amelia said...

chelsi, happy birthday!

don't have too much fun.

Jason and Kristen said...

you two crack us up :) hope your feeling better chelsi!

Anonymous said...
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Spencer said...
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mommy princess said...

Sweetie, it was so good to see you on Friday. You may not believe me, but you still looked beautiful to me. You were so cute and patient with Sophie. Next time I come up you'll have to see how big Grayden and Todd are. Pictures don't do them justice. I love you. xoxo