Friday, March 6, 2009

pillow talk

Last night at 4:30 am, morning according to my mother's alarm clock, I was awakened by the pain in my right shoulder from laying on it...our stupid mattress. Anyway, we wake up about three times a night to switch sides of the bed so we can roll over, but still spoon. Aren't we cute? I know. This is what went down:

Chelsi: "Honey, can we switch?"
Spencer: "Yeah."
*He falls back asleep*
Chelsi: "Babe...switch."
Spencer: "Oh, sorry."
*He gets out of bed and comes to my side, turning on the humidifier on his way. I roll over Belle to the other side*
Chelsi: "Can you budge the comforter from underneath her? I'm freezing."
*He lifts Belle and I steal the comforter she's wadded up and burrowed into. He gets in bed*
Chelsi: "Thanks, hun."
Spencer: "Amish people have a fun time coming up with excuses."
Chelsi: "What?"
Spencer: *As he is laying down in a weird position, and not on a pillow* "The Amish know how to beat the system."
Chelsi: *Laughs quietly and debates on whether or not to egg him on, then decides she's tired* "I know, baby. Here, lift your head. You're not on a pillow. There you go. Go to sleep ok?"


JeriLynn said...

This made us laugh. Jay liked it; I have tears in my eyes, it's so funny. Ode to dreams!!

Lieske said...

That is so cute! Just too funny!

Julie and KC said...

You guys are too cute! By the way, I loved Hearts in Hiding. KC was pretty excited that you lent that to me. He likes it when I read romance books:)

Lori said...

that's AWESOME. Van and I have the funniest conversations in the middle of the night. Usually one of us doesn't remember a thing. haha. love it.