Wednesday, March 11, 2009


My birthday is coming up. Last Sunday my sweet mother-in-law threw me a birthday party. We were an hour-and-a-half late because we thought it was the 15th. Sorry, Mom. Anyway, it turned out fine and of course, was very fun. I got some good stuff. I like presents. I like giving them at Christmas, more than I like getting them...but I really like getting them for my birthday. Is that wrong? Probably. So shoot me. Anyway, here is my loot in no particular order:

1. Personalized romance novel from the Youngs. Yes. Personalized. Vampire Kisses? Yes, please. It's kinda Rachel's "girl porn" on that one episode of friends. Love it.

2. Homemade birthday cake made by all-by-herself Miley. Awww! I ate half of it today, it was yummy.

3. Cocomotion from the Big Johnstons. Brock and I have a tradition of giving each other small kitchen appliances. I like it. We both dream of being on Food Network one day. Anyway, Cocomotion= two thumbs way up, as well as probably 10 more pounds up. One of my BFF's, Deneal, is on her THIRD Cocomotion, she said. Moto, calm down!! Geeze! She is a hot drink ADDICT though.
4. These LOVELY flowers from my father-in-law. They came in a box. I love that. Is that weird? I heart boxed flowers.

5. The looooooong-coveted Silver Kathy belted satchel from my mother-in-law and Mark. Yessssssssssss! It's fabulous, much like my mother-in-law and me, which is why I rely on her for my supply of fabulous handbags. (Yes, that is a gold Kathy behind it, also from her)

AND this wallet from Liz Claiborne.

I have to say, before my MIL I wasn't much of a brand-name girl. I still am pretty much that way....if I see a pair of fabulous shoes or something I don't question brands. I bought a shirt from Walmart the other day. Style doesn't have to have a big name attached...but gee it sure makes you feel good.

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