Monday, April 20, 2009

vanity at 3 am

So, we've already discussed how I have a weakness for infomercials. But, I thought I'd give you a little update.

We received a pancake puff pan from Brock and Faye. Love it! We've made all kinds of yummy, puffy things.

I still want the GT Xpress. Spencer actually got it for me for my birthday, and before he gave it to me I saw a commercial for THIS and said, "Oh my gosh! I totally want one of these instead!" And then I went off about how much better it was than the GT Xpress, so the poor little guy took it back to BB&B and bought me a wiiFit instead, which I love. I felt really bad, but I love my wiiFit.

I also still want the aerogarden, the H2O mop, and the EzCarry. Furthermore, last night, I couldn't sleep and tuned into one of my favorite infomercials, as of late, for the Instyler. I could totally use a new straightening iron, and it looks like it's so much better for your hair!

After that, I tuned into the Kymaro New Body Shaper. The infomercial was so convincing that it would get rid of the bulge my G's create! However, as I contemplated it, it seemed too much like the other two products in my lingerie drawer that I want to burn in hatred after wearing them. I think all shapers are the same....they just create new bulges. I just need to tone up, end of story.

The last and most desired product I vied for is the Luminess Air Makeup System. I actually researched this one at and the reviews were half and either LOVE it or HATE it. I think I'd be a lover, since I got skillz. Makeup skillz and art skillz. It makes your skin look flawless and I'm a BIG fan of the fact that my hands, nor bacteria-filled brushes and sponges would never touch my face. AND it's water-based and full of anti-oxidants. I'm TOTALLY paranoid about healthy skin.

I'm sick. Really. Sick.


Mileysmom said...

I want that body shaper too!! Get it tell me if it works :)

Candace Thomas said...

Where do you store all this? P.S. Don't buy the instyler...just call me and I will hook you up with a straightener wholesale:) Although I know you have many other hook ups, but I deliver too!

Your next great decision! said...

I got here from Kylee's blog
Is that ok??
If so I will read and keep up with you.
I think you are so darling!
Thanks for the kind note.
Lots of love
lisa keyes

Chelsi said...

Of course that's ok!! Don't tell my mom though! She's very anti-blog. ;) I love you!! Keep in touch!

Jason and Kristen said...

Chelsi - did you get my message on Spencers facebook? or did he pass it along? that EZ Carry is at BB&B for like $5 -$10 bucks! I seen the ad and instantly thought of you guys :) I want those hair clip things! Let me know if that body slimmer works lol!

Kate said...

I share your love for infomercials. It's sad...but oh so true!

Kate said...

I share your love for infomercials. It's sad...but oh so true!

jm said...

Chelsi - We bumped into each other at the Utah Botanical Center Arboretum, where I confessed my addiction to your blog. I too know about weaknesses and weird obsessions. I feel so much better now that we talked, not so much like a freaky stalker. Seriously I admire you and love to read about your journeys and adventures. Thanks for keeping me entertained.