Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I wore these shoes yesterday in the rain.

I know this picture doesn't capture their fabulousness, but let's be honest, it's amazing that I really have a picture of them at all.

Anyway, they got water spots on them so when we got home I put them in my washing machine on delicate. I've done it before, honest. When I opened my washer this morning, I saw this:

You know that "ree, ree, ree" sound that plays in movies when something horribly shocking happens? And the camera zooms in with each "ree?" That happened. I pulled them out, sent a text to Spencer and Deneal about it, and teared up. Yep, tears. I am so sad!! I killed a favorite pair of shoes!!

They were more like these, from payless:

But much more fabulous because they had gold shean to their fabric, and the bow on the front. Which is why I want these from Target to replace them:

I've been a good girl lately, right Honey?


Kari said...


Kylee said...

Oh, that is tragic, seriously! I hate when something I love to wear gets ruined. I DO love your replacements though and may have to find myself a pair. Love you and all of your darling shoes and accessories.

Seantae Jackson said...

How did I not know that you had a blog? I'm so glad that you commented on mine so I could find yours! You're so sweet to offer ME meals after such a loss :) Miss ya!

e said...

oh sad! I despise the death of good shoes....and I had no idea how damaging the washer could be! It looks like they got in a death match with your sneakers.

And as always you are a fashion icon to me. The new ones are super cute!

mommy princess said...

I'm soooo sorry about your poor shoes. I almost cried just seeing those awful pictures. Hey guess where I'm at right now? I'm sitting in the Schwartz's computer in New York! I was in the city all day long yesterday. I went to the temple, Central Park and shopping all day long!!!! You would have loved it. One day I'll take you, I promise. Today was Zac's Bar Mitzvah. The party was amazing, the floral center pieces were gorgeous and the food was freaking amazing!!! I should feel bad for leaving Stan home all weekend with the kids. Then again...Nah...This is the best mothers day gift ever!
Love you

Jenni Jiggety said...

Nothing saddens me more than the destruction of some lovely shoes...

Cute replacements though!

bluntdelivery said...

i have no idea how i got here. but gurrrrl... that is a travesty, what happened to those shoes.

I shed a few for you. (tears, not pounds - cus i have no idea how to do that.)