Friday, May 15, 2009

happy birthday, honey!

I would just like to take this opportunity to wish the hubs a happy 25th! You're finally as old as me and cannot call me "cougar" anymore. This year is gonna rock, honey. No more school, no more seizures, and we're gonna be rich. (And double-covered, right?) Sorry, inside jokes. Anyway, you guys know what's coming next.

Top 25 Reasons I Love Spencer, in no particular order:
  1. We'll just categorize all physical features into one. He looks a lot like JT with his beard. Sorry, Sum. He has beautiful eyes, a great smile, great hair, a strong jaw, broad shoulders, good hands, a luscious bum, strong legs, fabulous arms, he's just hot ok?
  2. He's silly. I have the MOST fun when I'm with him.
  3. He's a good daddy. Ask Belle. He's a good uncle too.
  4. He's a good snuggler.
  5. He's the opitome of chivalry.
  6. He's been through the ringer with my health, and he still hasn't left me.
  7. He upholds his priesthood and is such a strong leader in the gospel
  8. He's so fun to talk to.
  9. He helps me accomplish anything I want to.
  10. He helps me clean.
  11. He's the sweetest and most caring man ever.
  12. He is the most selfless person ever.
  13. He motivates me to become a better person.
  14. He's willing to try anything.
  15. He's incredibly intelligent.
  16. He always knows the right thing to say.
  17. He's a great kisser.
  18. He takes care of me.
  19. He talks in his sleep but doesn't snore.
  20. He's passionate about his beliefs.
  21. He has a great voice.
  22. We have the same sense of humor.
  23. He puts up with all of my crazy projects and ideas.
  24. He's athletic
  25. He's almost as crazy for me as I am for him.
Love you honey!!


Lori said...

happy birthday spence!

Rich's said...

Happy Birthday Spencer! Along with an awesome husband there has to be an even more special wife! Love ya

Seantae Jackson said...

That's awsome! Tell him happy b-day... I turn the big 25 in just a couple weeks too! What a cute idea of a post, and I have to say you guys are the cutest together, ever!

Kristen Andrews said...

very sweet and Happy Birthday Spencer!!!