Tuesday, May 19, 2009

hey, mr. postman

Since I'm confined to my home whilst the hubs is at work, and I work via the internet...I do the majority of my shopping online. You know, I get a writing cramp, so take a few breaks to shop. Anyway, the UPS guy and I have a slightly awkward relationship. This is mainly because he usually comes around 10:30 am and this happens:
  1. Doorbell rings
  2. Belle barks from beside me in bed and gives me her "Don't worry, mom, I'll protect us," face
  3. I yell, awkwardly, "Coming...one sec!" and hurriedly throw on my robe and smooth my hair
  4. I answer the door, with bedhead and morning breath
  5. He says, very friendly-like, "Good morning! Got one for ya," and hands me the signing thingy whilst looking me up and down like, "You realize I've been working for like, four hours now, right?"
  6. I thank him, tell him to drive safely, and hurriedly shut the door, vowing to wake up earlier from then on. Never do.
Yesterday, I took the awkwardness to a whole new level. The doorbell rang, and thanks to Belle's little bladder, I was up and dressed...and by dressed I mean not in a robe and my hair was in a bun. So, I answer the door.

"Morning!" I say, proud of myself.

"Morning," he says, "I've got two for you today. Johnston, right?"

"Yep," I say and go to hand him back the signing thingy...but...oh no, my hair is stuck to my wreath on my door! I'm trapped! He helps me by releasing the hair from the wreath's grasp.

"I guess that's a danger of having such long hair, huh?" he says, trying to make me feel less embarrassed.

"Yeah!" I say, too loudly. Then, more quietly, "Get stuck to things..."

"Nice shirt, by the way," he says.

"Thanks," I say and look down, only to be horrified to realize that I'm wearing my husband's shirt that says, "Blondes do have more fun. TRUST ME!" on it.

Yep. It happened.


Candace Thomas said...

LOL. I LOVE that I am not the only one that does that sort of thing. And BTW, what is it with hair and getting stuck in things...I have had a few awkward run ins too! Thanks for the laughs.

Karen said...

Hilarious! I love awkward stories! P.S now that my hair is long I can sympathize. Do you ever get it stuck in the seat belt sucker upper? That's the worst!

Rich's said...

How Funny!! I am well to aware of this problem. Coul and I have a hard time getting up in the mornings. Which makes it fun when people come to the door. And I am definitely not one of those people that look amazing without makeup!! Love ya.....Kelse

JeriLynn said...

Oh sweety, I needed this chuckle! How funny! Love ya!

Goldies said...

Nice, poor UPS man.... I'm glad you're doing well though! And Vegas... oh no, I really have to revisit that?! Well I can't wait for the phone call, I've been waiting for awhile!!

The Cassity's said...

I love it Chels, that is classic. Glad your seizures are getting better and like your husband said about not knowing everybody, my husband doesn't know you personally, but you have been in our prayers.