Monday, May 4, 2009

pillow talk 3.0

Last night Spence and I both woke up at the same time, as we often do, and said, "Wanna switch?" He got out of bed, went to the other side, got a drink, and this followed:

Spencer: "Ah, both of my arms are numb; it must be the way I slept on them."
Me: "I'm sorry babe."
Spencer: "So I think my dreams have been meant to make me feel bad for the pioneers."
Me: "Really, why? What have you been dreaming?"
Spencer: "I dunno it's like I have hard stuff and I think I have all these trials and then I wake up and my arms are numb, you know?"
Me: "Huh...?"
Spencer: "Like, I'll be talking about modern stuff and this and that, then I come down with like, library disease."
Me: "Baby...go to bed, you're not making any sense."
Spencer: (seriously offended) "Yes I am! All I'm saying is that my dreams would make a good commercial for the library!" gone. Goodnight, Irene! (I don't know, my dad always says that.)

Oh, how I love this man and his incoherency. Speaking of that wonderful man, I'd like to announce that I am the proud wife of a college graduate. We're both officially USU alumni. There will be a very boastful post when I get the pictures uploaded.


Kari said...

Matt gets so offended when I egg on his sleep talking. One more year til I'm the wife of a college grad!

Candace Thomas said...

LOL...this is what Mike must think of me, I am the sleep talker!

Mandy said...

I think I'd like to have a library disease... it'd be a good excuse to spend more time there :)

And Congratulations to Spencer! Graduation-ing is awesome!