Sunday, June 28, 2009

don't tell mom

Picture it: Ogden, June 13th, 2009
My mother-in-law and her hubs were out of town and they were kind enough to let us stay in their house that weekend as we had events in the area. One night, I mentioned how sore my muscles were. Spencer suggested that we get in the hot tub in the back yard.
"We don't have swimsuits," I said.
"We'll just get in naked," he said, "It's like 2 am. Besides, Mom and Mark do it all the time."
"Really?" I said, "Well I guess there is chlorine..."
(Disclaimer: Mom lives in a very wooded area. Neighbors can't see.)

So, we're in the hot tub, naked, and I get out for a second to go potty. I put my towel around me and walk to the door. It's locked. THE DOOR IS LOCKED. So is that one, and that one. No garage combination. Keys inside. Oh, shit. After some debate on who locked the door, we weighed our options. By some MIRACLE, Mark had been washing windows and there happened to be a two-story ladder leaning against the side of the house, and an upstairs deck. So, at about 3 am, my husband climbed up a two-story ladder and over a deck railing, buck naked. Yes, my friends. It was a site. We waited for the cops to come and arrest us for lewdness and breaking and entering, but luckily they never did. So, we said a prayer of thanks, showered, and went to bed. Nobody tell my mother-in-law. As a nightcap, this went down:

Pillowtalk 4.2

Chelsi: (After some unintelligible mumbling..) "You know, I really am pretty."
Spencer: (Smirk) "I couldn't agree more."


Rich's said...

OH I Love it!! That would be Coul and I's luck. How funny!

e said...

bwhaha! Oh Chels that's awesome. I shouldn't read this at work... I nearly burst out laughing right as the lawyers were going to court.

Heidi said...

Hahaha that is SO funny! What a fun memory! I love the way you write!! That is so cute! And yes, you really are pretty! :)

Mileysmom said...

Chels!! My mom reads your blog sometimes. You guys are going to be SO busted!!

And just a disclaimer my mom doesn't EVER get into the hot tub naked. She is kind of "never nude" (see Tobias Arrested Development)

d doggs said...

I really love the Pillowtalk segments.

Candace Thomas said...

LOVE THIS POST! And I am glad I am not the only one who gets in my in laws tub naked, he he. Don't tell! I might be snickering about this one for awhile:)

JeriLynn said...

Oh, you two are a hoot!!! Happy anniversary!!

Natalie said...

you two are so awesome! I love it!

mommy princess said...

That's great, DO NOT forget to archive that for posterity. That'll be a juicy one for some future geneologist to stumble upon.
Stan talks in his sleep all the time. Mostly I just ignore it because he's usually just working in his poor guy