Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lucky Number 3!

Well guys it is our 3rd Anniversary! It really doesn’t seem like we’ve been married for three years that’s crazy. Chelsi always says to me “Don’t you wish we could just get married again and again.” I do wish we could get married everyday it was by far the best day of my life.

This past year has been a crazy one… at this time last year we were just about to put Chelsi into the hospital to start her comprehensive seizure study to get on the path to the surgery that she ended up having in April… Also at this time Last summer I was knee deep in school and I had just found out that I was going to have to graduate in the spring instead of the fall, Ugh!

This year more than the previous two years was filled with more ups and downs. Over the course of this past year Chels and I have gone from being “anti-kid” to getting pretty freakin baby hungry. Chels had more and more seizures. She had one shortly after Halloween. She had one on New Year’s Eve (so we shared our New Years Eve kiss on the couch watching Carson Daily and a dropping ball…Eww!) She had another just after Valentine’s Day and even one on her own Birthday. But since her surgery she has had fewer and fewer seizures; only two in three months (knock on wood.) I was laid off from my job at the plumbing store but was able to pick up another job… and I graduated from college... in just a shade under a decade... You know… Ups and Downs…lol

Through the ups and downs of this year I learned even more from my wife about what toughness is. I am so lucky to be married to such a wonderful woman. It seems like the harder the time the closer her and I grow together. I know that even if every single thing is crashing down around us… Our relationship is unbreakable. It gets stronger and stronger as we take on the refiner’s, fire never breaking our embrace.

Every Anniversary Chelsi and I toast to “the best year of our lives.” And when I say that I know that I can believe it. Every year is going to be better than the previous year because I know that my bond with my eternal girlfriend will forever grow stronger and stronger… With Chelsi, life is always like a good movie… lots of adventure, a lot of action (wink wink ;-)), some drama, A LOT of comedy, sadly the occasional great tragedy…but most of all…. The greatest love story ever told.

I love you Angel Happy Lucky Number 3!
Love Spence


Heidi said...

Ahhh I got teary-eyed!!! That is SO SWEET!!!! Happy Anniversary you two!

Chelsi said...

Awww babe! Good thing I read this before I did my makeup! I love you so much. You're the best boyfriend ever. It'll take A LOT more than a heavy rain to silence us. Now, let's go celebrate!

Chelsi said...

ps. member how many people look terrified and/or angry in that kissing picture? hehehe!

Rich's said...

Happy Anniversary!! Love you both and wish you many more AMAZING years to come!! Kelse

mommy princess said...

You two are the cutest ever! I can't think of anyone I know who deserves to be with their soul mates more than you two!
Happy #3! I'm still looking forward to seeing you two. Keep me updated. BTW saw my midwife today. Baby not even close to coming. Still shooting for 16th;)